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The "Norwegian Cown" is operated by the Norwegian Cruise Line. It is a large modern cruise vessel which during the 1999-2000 Austal summer operated a series of eight cruises from Ushuaia in Southern Argentina to the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.  The view above shows the vessel arriving at Ushuaia in December 1999.

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NORWEGIAN 1. 2000 (January 10th) Envelope from Stanley, Falkland Islands.   Price US$8

Note: The above cover comes from the visit of the "Norwegian Crown" to Stanley on Friday 7th January 2000. It has been backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 18 January 2000.

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NORWEGIAN 2. 2000 (January 24th) Envelope Posted Paquebot Punta Arenas.   Price US$8

Note: This cover is the official envelope issued by the Norwegian Cruise line which at left lists the vessels of the fleet. The stamps are Argentinian stamps and as the "Norwegian Crown" had last visited Argentina before arriving at Punta Arenas in Southern Chile,  the cover has been correctly treated as paquebot mail and postmarked accordingly. It is backstamped at Christchurch on 3rd February 2000.

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NORWEGIAN 2. 2000 (February 9th) Envelope Posted at Punta Arenas.   Price US$5

Note: This cover on the official Norwegian Cruise Line stationery envelope has aships cachet of the "Norwegian Crown" at top centre. Interestingly it has been posted with an official Chilean Post office meter in red and also has the violet Punta Arenas Linea Rapida boxed date stamp.  It has been backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 18 February, 2000.

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