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For the 1999-2000 Austral summer season the United States Antarctic Programme  used the Military Sealift Command common user tanker "Richard G. Matthiesen" for its  supply run to McMurdo Sound.

The vessel is 39,624 tons displacement and was particularly suited to this task as it has a double hull and is also ice strengthened.   It was built in 1985 and has hull number T-AOT 1124.

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This view shows the tanker arriving in the Antarctic at McMurdo on the 13th January, 2000

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This view shows "Richard G. Matthiesen" tied up at the ice pier in McMurdo Sound in January 2000.

She arrived at Lyttelton on Saturday 29th of January, 2000 at 2.15pm direct from McMurdo Sound and departed at midnight that same evening for the USA.

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MATTHIESEN 1.  2000 (January 31st) cover posted paquebot at Christchurch.    Price US$5

Note: The above cover has come from McMurdo in the Ross Dependency to the port of Lyttelton adjacent to  Christchurch on board the "Richard G Matthiesen".  It has been postmarked on arrival at Christchurch on the next business day of Monday 31st January.

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RichardGMatthiesen29100f.jpg (31140 bytes)

RichardGMatthiesen29100e.jpg (44136 bytes)

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The above four pictures show the "Richard G. Matthiesen" in the harbour at Lyttelton on Saturday 29th January, 2000.

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