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The "Legend of the Seas" is one of the  world's largest and most impressive new cruise vessels. She is operated by Royal Caribbean International and amongst other superlatives is the first vessel to boast having a 18 hole mini golf course on her top deck, two very large swimming pools (one inside) and cabin space for 1804 passengers. The ship cost $600 million when built in 1995,  is 264 metres long and weighs  69,130 tonnes.

For the Millennium she made her first visit to the South Pacific with a series of cruises around New Zealand. The highlight of these was a special voyage from Wellington to east of the Chatham Islands to the International Date line where the vessel cruised along the line crossing from one Millennium to another several times.

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A view of the "Legend of the Seas" in Wellington Harbour on 28 December 1999

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LEGEND 1     Postcard carried on Millennium cruise from Wellington to Napier.      Price US$5

Note: The above postcard which bears the "Legend of the Seas" mail cachet in the center was posted on board by a passenger on  Ist January 2000.  The vessel's next port of call was Napier on 3rd January and the postcard is postmarked at the nearby tourist town Taupo on January 5th (the next business day).  The postcard is backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on Monday, 10th January 2000.

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LegendoftheSeasWe.jpg (53985 bytes)

These two views show the bow and stern of the "Legend of the Seas" in Wellington on 28 December 1999 just prior to her Millennium voyage to east of the Chatham Islands.

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LEGEND 2   Envelope from the visit of "Legend of the Seas" to Lyttelton 15 January 2000.      Price US$4

Note: The above cover has two cachets including the unusual circular "Legend of the Seas - SEA POST" cachet. The stamps used on this cover include one showing Lyttelton Harbour including Cashin Quay where the vessel was berthed.

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The view at left shows the "Legend of the Seas" at her Cashin Quay berth in Lyttelton.

She is the largest cruise liner ever to have visited New Zealand.

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LEGEND 3    Envelope from the visit of  "Legend of the Seas" to Lyttelton 15 January 2000.      Price US$2

Note: This cover has only one cachet applied on board ship.

LegendCH15ja00cvrb.jpg (52172 bytes)

LEGEND 4     Envelope from the visit of  "Legend of the Seas" to Lyttelton 15 January 2000.      Price US$2

Note: This cover carries both cachets which were available on board the vessel.

LegendSeasJan00d.jpg (47093 bytes)

The picture at left shows "The Legend of the Seas" leaving Lyttelton at 6pm on 15 January, 2000


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The booklet at left contains ten 40 cent stamps as shown above. These stamps have  postal validity within New Zealand. "Legend of the Seas" is the vessel in the foreground.

LEGEND 5     "Petes Post"  40 cent stamp booklet of "Legend" stamps      Price US$8

LEGEND 6     "Petes Post" single 40 cent stamp  from "Legend" booklet    Price US$2

Legend45centcvr.jpg (53556 bytes)

LEGEND 7     "Petes Post" 45 cent stamp  used on commercial envelope    Price US$3

Note: after the postage rate increased from 40 cents to 45 cents, the "Legend of the Seas" stamp as reissued as a 45 cent value both in ordinary and self-adhesive format. The envelope above bears one of these stamps posted through the Petes Post postal service. As Petes Post which operates in the North Island does not have a postal delivery network in the South Island the envelope has been transferred to New Zealand for for delivery as it is addressed to Christchurch which is in the South Island.

PetyesPostLOTS45booklet.jpg (49228 bytes)

LEGEND 8     "Petes Post"  40 cent stamp booklet of "Legend" stamps      Price US$5

Legend45centPPSA.jpg (26056 bytes)

LEGEND 9    "Petes Post"  45 cent self-adhesive coil stamp of "Legend" stamps   Price US$2

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