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The "Lautaro" is a Chilean Navy vessel  which acts as supply vessel for the various Chilean Antarctic Bases. It has pennant number "ATF 67" by which it is often known.

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LAUTARO 11999 (November 27th ) cover posted at "Capitan Arturo Prat" Chilean Antarctic Base.  US$6

Note: The above cover has the "Arturo Prat" Base cancellation applied in the usual light blue colour which does not scan very well.

It also has  3 ships cachets of the "Lautaro" applied at left and on the reverse a sticker from "Arturo Prat"Antarctic Base as shown at right.

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The "Lautaro" departing Punta Arenas

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The "Lautaro" gangway

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LAUTARO 22000 (January 20th ) cover posted at "Bernardo O'Higgins" Chilean Antarctic Base.  US$6

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