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The "JOIDES Resolution" is an American drillship named after Captain James Cook's "Resolution". The "JOIDES" is an acronym for Joint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling.  

In 1998 the "JOIDES Resolution" visited New Zealand after a series of 7 holes drilled off the Chatham Island Rise and further south to research the world's largest cold deep current known as the Pacific Deep Western boundary Current. Her single New Zealand port of call was Wellington.

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JOIDES 1  1998 ships cachet on Official Postcard  and Wellingtton Packet Boat Postmark.  US$8

Note: The picture at left is the viewside of the card at right. The "Wellington Packet Boat" postmark is rarely seen, this particular usage being the first time the postmark had been used in 5 years. The blue cachet at the top is for the United Nations sponsored 1998 International Year of the Ocean of which the "JOIDES Resolution" was a main participant.

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JOIDES 2  1998 Envelope and Official greeting card postmarked "Wellington Packet Boat".  US$8

Note: The greetings card is shown at left. It shows a hand-drawn impression of the drillship. The "OCEANZ~98" green cachet is a specifically New Zealand cachet for the Year of the Ocean.

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JOIDES 3  1998 Envelope with ships cachet and "Wellington Packet Boat" postmark.   US$6

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JOIDES 4  1998 cacheted Envelope with Australian stamp postmarked Wellington Packet Boat.  US$6.

Note: The "JOIDES Resolution" imediately previous port of call had been Sydney and hence under New Zealand   Paquebot conventions it was possible to use Australian stamps.

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