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The "Hanseatic" is a ice strengthened cruise vessel operated by Bunnys Adventure & Cruise Shipping Co. Ltd and is registered at Nassau in the Bahamas. It carries 184 passengers in 94 twin cabins and specialises in tourism to the Polar regions.  It is the only expedition vessel with a "5 Star" rating. It carries 14 zodiacs. It first entered service in 1993.

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Picture side of postcard shown at right

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Address side of Postcard

HANSEATIC 1  1999 (November 29th)  postcard posted at Ushuaia with 2 ship's cachets     US$4

Note: The "Hanseatic" was in Ushuaia at the start of a cruise to the Antarctic. Her itinerary was Ushuaia, South Shetlands, Antarctic Peninsula, Elephant Island and return to Ushuaia on the 9th of December 1999.

The photo at right shows Ushuaia beneath the bows of the "Hanseatic" on the 28th of November 1999.

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HANSEATIC 2  2000 (January 4th)  Airmail Envelope posted at Stanley with new ship's cachet.     US$4

Note: The "Hanseatic" called into Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands on the 22nd of December 1999 and was scheduled to call again on the 9th January 2000. Presumably delays caused by Christmas and the New Year holidays have caused this mail from the visit of 22nd December to be delayed in postmarking. Backstamped on arrival in Christchurch 12 January 2000.

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HANSEATIC 3  2000 (January 17th) Envelope posted paquebot at Ushuaia with two ship's cachets.  US$6

Note: The above cover is franked with German stamps because it is operated by the German company Hapag-Lloyd and has accordingly been afforded paquebot rights. The cover is backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on the 26th of January 2000.

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The picture at left shows the Welcome notice board on the wharf at Ushuaia and lists the "Hanseatic" as a port caller on the 17th of January 2000.

Other ship callers that day were the Cruise ships "Switzerland" and "Clipper Adventurer".


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The view at left shows   "Hanseatic" in the Argentine port of Ushuaia on 17th January, 2000



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HANSEATIC 4  2000 (January 17th) Envelope posted at Ushuaia with two ship's cachets.  US$4

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HANSEATIC 5  2001 (January 29th) Envelope posted at Stanley, Falkland Islands.  US$5

The "Hanseatic" shown at right, has used a different ships cachet on the above cover.

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HANSEATIC 6  2002 (December 17th) Envelope posted at Lyttelton, New Zealand.  US$5

Note: The above cover was the result of an unexpected visit to Lyttelton following the "Hanseatic" suffering damage caused by a freak wave that hit the ship off the coast of Otago on its way to Antarctica. The damage (see the boarded up bridge window at right) including some to electronic equipment meant the cancellation of the cruise. The vessel remained in Lyttelton being repaired until December 26th  when it left for Ushuaia to re-commence its schedule.

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HANSEATIC 7  2002 (December 17th) Envelope posted at Lyttelton, New Zealand.  US$5

Note: This cover has both   "Hanseatic" Antarctic Expedition cachets as well as the damage cachet.

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HANSEATIC 8  2002 (December 17th) Envelope posted paquebot at Lyttelton, New Zealand.  US$6

Note: The above envelope is franked with a Universal Mail Antarctica stamp. Universal Mail is a competing postal service to that offered by NZ Post. It has about 500 mail boxes throughout New Zealand and provides mail facilities to all overseas destinations. The particular stamp above shows Scott Base in the Ross Dependency.

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At left we can see the "Hanseatic" at an inner wharf in Lyttelton in December, 2002 after repairs were completed.

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HANSEATIC 9  2005 (January 1st) Envelope posted paquebot from Robinson Crusoe Island.  US$8

Note: The Hanseatic was on the course of a cruise from Tahiti to Chile when the above envelope was posted at the famous Juan Fernandez Island which is better known as Robinson Crusoe Island by the ships doctor, Dr Holger Dietz. The German stamps have been correctly treated as Paquebot mail. The Hanseatic is shown at right at Juan Fernandez Island on the 1st of January 2005.

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HANSEATIC 10  2005 (January 1st) Envelope posted from Robinson Crusoe Island.  US$8

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Note: The above letter, also from the ships doctor (His signature is at bottom left) bears two Chilean stamps to pay the postage. Backstamped on arrival in Christchurch 13 January, 2005.

Robinson Crusoe island is Chilean territory.  The view at left shows the "Hanseatic" at Robinson Crusoe Island on the 1st of January, 2005.

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