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The MV "Green Wave" is a cargo vessel which has for many years acted as the main US Operation Deep Freeze logistics and supply vessel. Most seasons she carries cargo from the USA to McMurdo Sound via Lyttelton completing one round trip and sometimes a second trip from Lyttelton south.  The photo above shows her approaching the ice wharf in McMurdo Sound.

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In February 1998 when returning from McMurdo Sound, the "Green Wave" had a engine mishap just as she was clear of the pack ice. Subsequent efforts to repair the engine failed and she was eventually taken in tow by the USCG Icebreaker "Polar Star" which made a record length tow all the way to Lyttelton where the "Green Wave" was eventually repaired.  The photos above show the tow line being fired from the "Polar Star" and the "Green Wave" undergoing her long tow

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GREEN WAVE 1   Paquebot cover carried "Green Wave" McMurdo Sound to Christchurch .  US$5

Note: the above cover was carried by hand from South Pole to McMurdo to Christchurch and has datestamps on back of South Pole Station of 9 Feb 98, McMurdo Station 12 Feb 98, 2 ship cachets of the "Green Wave" and one of the "Polar Star" and lastly a explanatory cachet relating to the emergency tow.

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This photo shows the "Green Wave" at left and the "Polar Star" at right berthed in Lyttelton Harbour on the 3rd March 1998 following the record tow.

Greenwavestern.jpg (32874 bytes)              Stern view of               "Green Wave"

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GREEN WAVE 2  1999 Cover  (at right)  carried by "Green Wave" with various cachets.  US$3

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GREEN WAVE 3  1999 Polarogramme of McMurdo Base posted Paquebot in Christchurch.  US$5

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The photo above shows the "Green Wave" in the inner harbour at Lyttelton in February 1999 undergoing repairs to her raised bow following a collision with the outer breakwater while departing Lyttelton the previous evening.

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GREEN WAVE 4   Envelope posted during "Green Wave's" 2000 visit to Lyttelton .  US$4

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The view at left shows the "Green Wave" on 29 January 2000 at Lyttelton being taken from the Oil Wharf to Cashin Quay and showing the large number of containers on deck. The following day a strong nor-wester caused the ship problems when departing.

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GREEN WAVE 5  2000 (January 31st) Polarogramme  posted  in Christchurch with 2 ship cachets.  US$4

Note: the above item was posted during the same port visit as the previous item. It bears the same ships cachets although the map cachet this time is on the back of the polarogramme.

The view at left shows the "Greenwave" at the Ice wharf at McMurdo in early February, 2000.

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GREEN WAVE 6   2000 (February 24th) Paquebot Envelope posted at Lyttelton after return.  US$5

Note: The cover above is franked with two US stamps and has been afforded Paquebot handling on arrival at Lyttelton which is the Port for Christchurch.

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The two cachets shown at left are on the reverse of the above cover.

The "Green Wave" had considerable problems during this trip having a serious engine breakdown and also having several containers damaged by the wild storms encountered in the voyage south.

*********  2001 SEASON   **********

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For the 2001 season the "Greenwave" arrived at Lyttelton on the 29th of January and departed for McMurdo on the 30th January 2001. The view at left shows her loading containers at Cashin Quay.

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GREEN WAVE 7   2001 (January 30th) Envelope posted through US APO at Christchurch.  US$4

The cover above has been backstamped on arrival at McMurdo on February, 12th, 2001. The markings at right are on the back of the envelope offered above.

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