EUROPA (1999)

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The "Europa" shown above in the inner harbour of Lyttelton  on the 8th of January 2000 was on her maiden visit to New Zealand when she arrived in the course of a special Millennium cruise from Los Angeles to Sydney.

The"Europa" is operated by the German Hapag-Lloyd Line. She is 28,600 BRZ and carries 408 passengers.

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EUROPA(1999) 1     Envelope with Europa 2000 cruise ship's cachet posted 8. Jan. 2000.     Price US $3

Note: The cachet on the cover above is the special one only used on mail posted on board during this particular cruise. Like some other major cruise vessels, the "Europa" sometimes has a special cachet for unusual or major cruises.

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EUROPA (1999) 2     Europa Official Postcard with Millennium cruise ship's cachet.      Price US $5

Note: The postcard above is postmarked 8 JA. 00 at Christchurch on the day of the ships visit to the city. The stamp used is a special Millennium stamp issued the previous week showing the sunrise of a new Millennium and the international date line, exactly where the "Europa" was on the 1st of January when the stamp was issued.

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EUROPA (1999) 3     Europa Official Postcard with regular cruise ship's cachet.       Price US $4

Note: The cachet on this postcard is the usual ship's cachet available for use on mail  over a long period of time.

The following 4 views of "Europa" were taken at Lyttelton on 8 January 2000.

Europapic1.jpg (44420 bytes)

Stern view showing ships registry in Nassau

Europapic3.jpg (49505 bytes)

view from over harbour showing Europa's bows

Europapic6.jpg (50329 bytes)

Gangway from wharf to main lobby

Europapic7.jpg (60727 bytes)

wharf view showing galleries on upper decks

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