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The "Esmeralda" was launched in 1952 for the Spanish Navy as a Sail Training vessel but while fitting out she was sold to the Chilean Navy and commissioned in 1954. She is a four masted Barquentine, one of the largest sailing vessels afloat,  and carries a crew of 271 sailors and 80 cadets. She has participated in many maritime events around the world and is regarded as a national symbol for Chile.

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ESMERALDA 1.  1999 Cover with cachets (2) of "Esmeralda" posted Punta Arenas during visit  US$3

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"Esmeralda" arriving at Punta Arenas 9-12-99

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"Esmeralda" Special Welcome at Punta Arenas


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"Esmeralda" at Punta Arenas Wharf.

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The Captain of the "Esmeralda"

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The "Esmeralda" at sea in the Beagle Channel approaching Punta Arenas 9 December 1999.

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