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The "Endurance" is the British Royal Navy ice strengthened vessel which operates in the South Atlantic and around the Antarctic Peninsula regions protecting England's interests in the area.  Duties include the re-supply and support of British troops stationed throughout the area as well as fishery protection.  It replaced an earlier "Endurance" which was decomissioned on 17 October, 1991 after 35 years of Polar service. The current "Endurance" was originally the Norwegian "Polar Circle" which was renamed "Endurance" in honour of its pre-decessor.

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ENDURANCE 1  2000 (February 4th)  Airmail cover posted Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.  US$5

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ENDURANCE 2  2000 (February 4th) Polarogramme from Port Stanley .  US$5

Note: This Polarogramme has the same postal marking and cachets as the previous cover.

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ENDURANCE 3    2000 (March 13th) Cover Posted through Mount Pleasant.    US$5

Note: Mount Pleasant is the International Airport on the Falklands. 

The picture at right shows the "Endurance" in early 2000 near Rothera Station in the Antarctic.

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ENDURANCE 4    2001 (January 5th) Cover Posted at Stanley.    US$5

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ENDURANCE 5   2003 (January 31st) Cover Posted at Stanley.    US$5

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ENDURANCE 6   2003 (June 9th) Cover Posted Portsmouth.    US$4

Note: This cover (and the one below) was posted at Portsmouth in June when the vessel finally returned to its home port after its 2002-03 Antarctic expedition.

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ENDURANCE 7   2003 (June 9th) Cover Posted Portsmouth.    US$4

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