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The above photo shows the 3,132 ton tourist cruise vessel "Caledonian Star" off the penguin rookery at Gouldin Island on the Antarctic Peninsula. The "Caledonian Star" was operated by Lindblad Special Expeditions who specialise in Antarctic Tourist cruises. She was built in 1966 and had previous names of "Marburg" and "North Star". In 2002 she was renamed "Endeavour" but was still operated by Lindblad Expeditions.

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CALEDONIA1 1999 (December 18th) Postcard  from "Caledonian Star"  at  Port Lockroy, BAT.   Price US$8

Note: The postcard above is an Official Lindblad Special Expeditions card as shown above featuring a view of the vessel.

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CALEDONIA 2. 2000 (January 4th) Airmail Envelope from Stanley, Falkland IslandsPrice US$8

Note: The "Caledonian Star" had called into Port Stanley on Christmas Day, 25th December 1999. the 4th January was the first day after Christmas that date stamping was done. The envelope is back stamped in Christchurch on arrival 12 January 2000.

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