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The "Beachcomber Express" is a Mail Launch operating in the Marlborough Sounds from the Port of Picton at the top end of the South Island of New Zealand. The "Beachcomber Express" does daily mail runs which are also often called "Milk Runs" servicing the many isolated communities situated in the Marlborough Sounds. The tour itself is popular with many tourists who avail themselves of the chance to spend an enjoyable day cruising the sounds. The cover below was issued for a stamp exhibition held in nearby Blenheim in 1988 and bears a pair of cinderella's or local post stamps showing the historic Picton Post Office and the "Beachcomber Express" Mail Launch.

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BEACHCOMBER EXPRESS 1  1988 carried and Captain signed cover with labels.   US$5

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BEACHCOMBER EXPRESS 2  1999 postcard with ships cachet and Postmarked Picton.   US$3

Note: The above postcard shows the "Beachcomber Express" leaving Picton. It is the picture side of the postcard offered at right.

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