AuroraAustHobartJun00.jpg (45790 bytes)

This vessel shown at left is the main Australian Government's Antarctic supply/research ship.

It has good icebreaking capabilities, extensive research labs, a helicopter deck and confortable crew and expedition facilities. It was launched in 1989 and  is operated by P & O Polar Australia Pty Ltd.

Aurora_Australis_98.jpg (77408 bytes)

AURORA 1 1998 cover from mid-winter trip  US$5

Mid-winter trip cover from "Aurora Australis" which after postmarking on MacQuarie island had a serious engine room fire 21-7-98 185km off the AAT Coast.  The vessel was adrift for several days before temporary repairs enabled a slow return to Hobart.

Aust_Mawson_Anniv.jpg (9648 bytes)

AURORA 2  1998 postcard from Mawson Base via Helicopter Mail and "Aurora Australis".  US$5

N.B. This card celebrates the 60th Anniversary of Mawson's death.

Aust_Davis_Aurora.jpg (84634 bytes)

AURORA 3 1998 cover from Davis Base returned via "Aurora Australis".   US$5

Note. One stamp depicts the "Aurora Australis. The cover was delayed returning from Davis Base when the vessel broke down in Antarctic Ice and needed rescuing by Japanese ice breaker "Shirase".  The cover is backstamped January 1999 after return via tow to Fremantle.


The photo at right shows the "Shirase" in the foreground towing the "Aurora Australis" from the pack ice in January 1999

ShirasetowAA.jpg (88630 bytes)

Aurora_fremantle.jpg (89316 bytes)

  AURORA 4  1998 Cover from Aurora Australis to Fremantle  US$8

This cover was returned to Fremantle on the "Aurora Australis" under tow of "Shirase" and then escort of RSA rescue tug "John Ross" before being postmarked on arrival. It has  3 cachets and Fremantle Dockers Anchor postmark.


AA6Mawson.jpg (51510 bytes)

  AURORA 5  1999March 22nd Voyage 6 Cover from Mawson Base    US$5

NB: The above cover has a Helicopter Mail from Antarctica Airmail label.


AuroraA1.JPG (42894 bytes)

Transfers from Mawson, Davis and Casey Bases to the vessel are carried by helicopter as pack ice as shown at left normally precludes a close approach to the base itself.

AA6Davis.jpg (52466 bytes)

  AURORA 6  1999 (March 29th) Voyage 6 Cover from Davis Base    US$5

AuroraA.JPG (33178 bytes)

This photo shows the "Aurora Australis" with gangway lowered onto the ice

AA6Casey.jpg (53331 bytes)

  AURORA 7  1999 (April 8th) Voyage 6 Cover from Casey Base    US$5

AA6Macca.jpg (48390 bytes)

  AURORA 8  1999 (April 16th) Voyage 6 Cover from Macquarie Island    US$5

NB. This voyage completed the long 1998-99 season for the vessel and was completed without the major problems accompanying her previous voyages


AAOct2000Polaro.jpg (63936 bytes)

  AURORA 9  2000 (October 28th) Polarogramme from Davis Antarctic Base    US$6

Note: This Polarogramme has a Davis Air Mail sticker on it. It was carried by helicopter from the ship to Davis Base for postmarking. This was the seasons voyage 1 and "Aurora Australis"arrived at Davis on 25th October and departed 29th October.

MawsonPolaroNov00.jpg (60545 bytes)

  AURORA 10  2000 (November 5th) Polarogramme from Mawson Antarctic Base    US$6

Note: This Polarogramme has a Mawson Air Mail sticker on it. It was carried by helicopter from the ship to Mawson Base for postmarking. The "Aurora Australis" arrived on the 4th of November and departed the following day.

AA10Dec2000Heardcvr.jpg (54212 bytes)

  AURORA 11  2000 (November 10th) Airmail letter from Heard Island Expedition    US$8

Note: this envelope bears a "Aurora Australis" AAT postage stamp and is postmarked with the rare Heard Island datestamp. The vessel had arrived at Heard Island on the 9th and unloaded supplies by helicopter and left the following day.

AADavis10Dec00Polaro.jpg (67644 bytes)

AURORA 12  2000 (December 10th) Polarogramme from Davis Antarctic Base    US$6

Note: This Polarogramme has a Davis Air Mail sticker on it. It was carried by helicopter from the ship to Davis Base for postmarking. The vessel had arrived at Davis on the 9th of December and departed on the 11th.

AAHobart200102Voy7end.jpg (59304 bytes)

The picture at left shows the "Aurora Australis" arriving at Hobart at the end of AAT Voyage 7 in February 2001.

5shipsinHobartcvrf.jpg (73279 bytes)

AURORA 13  2000 (December 28th) Paquebot letter from Hobart    US$5

5shipsinHobartcvrb.jpg (52081 bytes)

At left we see the reverse of the above envelope. This envelope was posted at Hobart on the remarkable day when Hobart was host to a record five Antarctic bound vessels on the same day.

The envelope was posted Paquebot by a person on board the Russian Tourist "Kapitan Khlebnikov" and it also bears the ships cachets of all 4 other vessels on its reverse.

The 4 other vessels are the French vessel "L'Astrolabe", the Aurora Australis", The "Italica" and the "Polar Bird".

AADavis00polarof.jpg (101786 bytes)

AURORA 14  2000 (December 29th) Polarogramme posted Davis AAT Base    US$8

AADavis00polarob.jpg (71584 bytes)

The picture at left shows the reverse of the above Polarogramme.

The Polarogramme has a cachet at lower left of the Lake water and Sediment studies ANARE Project no 1170 and has been signed by the two main participants.

AustAABelcantoExpcvr.jpg (55317 bytes)

AURORA 15  2001 (December 18th) letter sent from Hobart at end of voyage 3    US$5

The "Aurora Australis" had arrived back in Hobart on the 16th December from her voyage 3 which was a 3 month long marine research expedition.

AACaseyDec01Polaro.jpg (58576 bytes)

AURORA 16  2001 (December 28th) Polarogramme posted from Casey Antarctic Base    US$6

"Aurora Australis" arrived at Casey Base on the 23rd of December and stayed until the 28th sharing Christmas with Casey Base staff.

The picture at right shows suppliesbeing offloaded by helicopter tot Casey Base.

CaseywithAAHeli.jpg (15127 bytes)

AAJan02DavisAero.jpg (47261 bytes)

AURORA 17  2002 (January 13th) Aerogramme sent from Davis Antarctic Base.    US$5

Note: This item has a "Davis Ice Edge Fly-off" cachet indicating that the mail had to be carried by helicopter from the ship as the ice was too thick for the vessel to reach Davis Base.

AATDavisAmisor01cvr.jpg (58199 bytes)

AURORA 18  2002 (January 20th) Letter sent from Davis Antarctic Base.    US$7

Note: this letter bears a special AMISOR cachet at bottom left.which refers to the Amery Ice Shelf Research Programme for which the "Aurora Australis" acted as support vessel.

AADavisFeb02Polaro.jpg (63249 bytes)

AURORA 19  2002 (February 7th) Polarogramme sent from Davis Antarctic Base.   US$6

Note: The Aurora Australis" had arrived at Davis on the 14th of January but the above Polarogramme was not postmarked until 7 February just 3 days before the "Polar Bird" was due there to pick up mail and other items.

AASep2003Kingstonpc.jpg (60493 bytes)

AURORA 20  2003 (September 1st) Postcard sent from Kingston ANARE Headquarters.    US$5

Note: The 2003-04 ANARE season began in September with "Aurora Australis" departing hobart on the 8th September. The above postcard showing the vessel in the ice was posted at Kingston with the special Kingston ANARE headquarters postmark.

AASep2003pc.jpg (45340 bytes)

AURORA 21  2003 (September 1st) Postcard sent from Kingston ANARE Headquarters.    US$5

Note: The picture at right is the picture side of the postcard offered above. it shows the "Aurora Australis" berthed in Hobart.

AASep2003pcback.jpg (60739 bytes)

AAFeb04HobartPolaro.jpg (58790 bytes)

AURORA 22  2004 (February 16th) Polarogramme sent from Hobart.    US$5

Note: The above Polarogramme comes from voyage 4 which had ended at Hobart on the 13th of February.

The picture at right shows the "Aurora Australis" departing Hobart on the 17th February 2004 for her next voyage (ANARE Voyage 7).

AuroraAustralisFeb04picHobart.jpg (40163 bytes)

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