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The German Cruise Liner "Arkona" made its maiden call to Lyttelton on the 16th January, 1999 as shown above. Her home Port is Rostock and she was on a cruise around New Zealand and Australia.

The "Arkona" for this visit had available her regular circular ship cachet featuring the sun and compass headings which has had some words excised at top right. She also had a special boxed cachet showing a yacht in front of the Sydney Opera House and the text "Neuseeland, Australien"

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ARKONA 1  1999 Christchurch Paquebot cover      US$5

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  The above are the front and the picture sides of the official  MS "Arkona" picture postcard available on board the vessel for passengers use. 

ARKONA 2 1999 Christchurch Paquebot postcard  US$6

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ARKONA 3 1999 Christchurch Paquebot on German Postal Stationery  US$6

Note: The cover above is a current 1.10 mark German Postal Stationery envelope which has also been postmarked with the Christchurch Paquebot postmark of 18 January 1999.

The "Arkona" was renamed Astoria in early 2002 following her sale to transocean Cruises.

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