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The "Arctic Sunrise" shown above is a  former seismic research vessel based in Amsterdam which operates world-wide on enviromental protests.  It is a 1A1 Class Icebreaker originally built in 1975 as the Polar Bjorn. In 1998 it visited New Zealand for a refit and then was sent to Antarctic waters in search of illegal Toothfish pirate fishing vessels suspected to be operating in waters south of Australia.

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ARCTIC 1   1999 (January 25th) "Arctic Sunrise" visit to MacQuarie Island.   US$8

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Note:  The above cover  bearing two Australian Antarctic stamps also has a Greenpeace local stamp which has been incorrectly postmarked by the Postal authorities. These Greenpeace charity Local adhesives are normally required/requested to be affixed before handling by Greenpeace vessels in antarctic waters. A full illustrated listing of them can be found here

After the journey to MacQuarie Island in January 1999 the vessel returned  to Hobart as shown at left before once again venturing south.

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On the 2nd of March the "Arctic Sunrise" found an  illegal vessel engaged in toothfish fishing around the sub-Antarctic island of Kerguelen. This vessel carried no markings and had its name covered over.

This pirate vessel with crew wearing balaclava head-gear is shown at left.

The "Arctic Sunrise" shadowed this vessel for 16 days until it called into Port Louis in the island of Mauritius. The vessel now known to be the Belize registered "Salvora" was subsequently seized by the Mauritius Government.

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