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The "Almirante Oscar Viel" is the main Chilean Antarctic supply vessel. It has a strengthened hull enabling it to push through thin pack ice as shown in the photo above.  It has a pennant number "AP-46" and is often identified this way as its full name of "Almirante Oscar Viel Rompehielos" is rather long. "Rompehielos" means Icebreaker.

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VIEL 1.   1999 (November 25) Cover posted at Eduardo Frei Antarctic Base.   US$6

Note: The above cover was posted at Eduardo Frei Antarctic Base on 25 November 1999.

It travelled on the vessel via Arturo Prat Base (see cachet at left) back to Punta Arenas which it reached on 9th of December (see postmark at right) before finally arriving in Christchurch on 22nd December 1999.

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This sticker is on the back of the above covers.

The photo at right shows the "Alimirante Oscar Viel" tied up at the wharf  in Punta Arenas on 9th December 1999 after it had returned from its Antarctic supply trip.

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VIEL 2.   1999 (December 15) Cover posted at "Bernardo O'Higgins Antarctic Base".   US$6

Note: The above cover also has the "A.P.Almirante Viel Sticker" on its reverse.

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VIEL 3.   2004 (November 18) Cover posted at Punta Arenas.   US$5

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With helicopter operations underway.

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Departing Point Prospect

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VIEL 4.   2006 (January 26) Special postcard posted at Punta Arenas.   US$5

The "Oscar Viel" had arrived from Valparaiso on the 25th January and remained in Punta Arenas for several days before departing for the Antarctic on 2nd February, 2006.

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