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The "Aegean 1" is a 11,563 ton vessel built in 1973 which was refurbished in 1996 and specialises in cruising to remote locations around South America including cruises to the South Shetlands and the Antarctic Peninsula. She is operated by Golden Sun Cruises and carries 500 passengers. The view above shows her berthed in Punta Arenas in December 1999 prior to departure on a trip to King George Island in the South Shetlands.

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AEGEAN 1            2000 (January 15th)  envelope posted at Ushuaia, Argentina.            US$4

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AEGEAN 2           2000 (January 6th)  Envelope posted at Eduardo Frei Chilean Antarctic Base.         US$8

Note: As well as bearing two Chilean Antarctic cachets the cover has been postmarked with the Eduardo Frei Antarctic base postmark of 6th January, the day that the "Aegean 1" visited.

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AEGEAN 3   2000 (January 6th)  Shipping Line  postcard  posted at Eduardo Frei Chilean Antarctic Base.   US$8

Note: The "Aegean 1" had returned to Ushuaia from its trip to the South Shetlands having visited a number of Antarctic bases. 

The view at right shows the vessel at sea.

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