TKAHAIceberg.jpg (36824 bytes)

This February 1999 view shows the New Zealand Anzac class frigate "Te Kaha" patrolling amongst Antarctic Icebergs while looking for Illegal Patagonian toothfish pirate fishing ships. She has also acted as a replenishment and personnel transport ship to a variety of sub-Antarctic islands.

TEKAHACOandOOW.jpg (31498 bytes)

"Te Kaha"'s Commanding and Officer of the Watch on deck during Ice Patrol

Te_KahaLytPhoto.jpg (59730 bytes)

"Te Kaha" berthed at Lyttelton at completion of Antarctic tour of duty

Te_Kaha.jpg (11259 bytes)

TE KAHA 1  1998 Sub-Antarctic supply to Campbell Island with Commanding Officer datestamp.   US$4

Note: This was the very first use of this new Dunedin circular postmark on 8 December 1998. The cover was carried Bluff (Cachet on back) - Campbell Island - Dunedin where postmarked on arrival.

Te_KahaLyt.jpg (71930 bytes)

TE KAHA 2 1999 Antarctic Fisheries Protection Cruise to Ross Dependency cover.   US$4

Note: This cover has the "Ships Office" datestamp instead of the Commanding Officers datestamp as on the previous cover. It is franked with a Ross Dependency stamp and postmarked at the Ross Dependency Agency in Christchurch on the day the vessel returned to Lyttelton.

Te_Kahaoil.jpg (45671 bytes)

This picture shows the "Te Kaha" refueling at the Lyttelton oil wharf following her Antarctic duty.

Te_Kaha_heli.jpg (54015 bytes)

This is the "Te Kaha"'s new Sea-Sprite helicopter flying above Lyttelton Harbour.


The "Te Kaha" during 1999 and 2000 also played a leading role in several United Nations peace keeping operations around the world.  She was in the first fleet to go to the aid of East Timor in 1999 and then departed for 6 months work in the Persian Gulf in the UN sponsored embargo of trade with Iraq. She has also served off Bougainville during peace talks and was at Fiji for the 2000 Coup led by George Speight.  In August 2000 she sailed for Honiara in the Solomon Islands where she served as the conference venue for Peace talks between the Solomon Islands Government and Malaita rebel forces.  Many of these tasks have been undertaken at short notice and often in secret so mail from the vessel has been difficult to obtain.

TeKahaHoniara.jpg (16175 bytes)

"Te Kaha" at Honiara

TeKahaSolomons.jpg (40940 bytes)

TE KAHA 3      2000 (August) Cover posted during peace talks at Honiara.     US$8

Note: the above cover incorrectly has the postage stamp cancelled with the Commanding Officer's datestamp of 18 August while the vessel was enroute to Honiara. At Honiara this mail was offloaded and carried back to New Zealand in sealed naval bag by aircraft and then put into the New Zealand Postal system at the North Shore Mail Center which is close to the Auckland Naval Base at Devonport.   It has 80 cents Forces concession rate postage.

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