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The above picture shows the "Somerset" passing through the Kiel Canal in Northern Germany in May 1998.

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SOMERSET 1  1999 (November 22nd)  Airmail cover posted at Stanley in the Falkland Islands.  US$4

Note: The "Somerset" is a type 23 or "Norfolk" Class Royal Navy frigate. This class of frigate were built between 1985 and 1996 incorporating many improvements gained from the Falklands war in 1981-82.

The "Somerset" had in April 1999 returned to Britain from a stint in the Ionian and Mediterranean Seas and after a few months leave joined the South Atlantic Squadron to act as "South Atlantic Guard Ship". The cover above was posted 22 November at Port Stanley.

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The view at right shows the "Somerset" at sea in the South Atlantic during 1999.

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