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"PAQUEBOT " MAIL.   Under century old UPU regulations, vessels arriving at a foreign port can deposit mail posted in international waters bearing stamps of the country which the ship belongs to or is maintained by. This special arrangement applies for mail posted at the first port of call in each country. Mail posted at  subsequent ports must be franked with stamps of the country being visited. Ship mail posted under this scheme should be marked with the French word "Paquebot" and the stamps cancelled with a distinctive postmark to indicate  treatment as "Paquebot" mail.  Mail must be clearly identifiable as from a particular vessel and is handed to the Post Office by the ships purser or shipping company agent as soon as the ship arrives. This type of mail is seldom seen and accordingly is regarded as very collectable by maritime postal history and ship stamp collectors.

We have listed available covers in alphabetical order of vessel name below.  Just click on the particular vessel's name to see what we have to offer.


"Aegean 1" - Antarctic Cruise vessel

"Agulhas" - South African Antarctic support Icebreaker

"Akademik Boris Petrov" - Russian Antarctic tourist vessel

"Akademik Fedorov"- Russian Antarctic Expedition vessel

"Akademik Ioffe" - Russian Antarctic tourist vessel

"Akademik Sergei Vavilov" - Russian Antarctic Research & tourist vessel

"Akademik Shokalskiy" - Russian / New Zealand Antarctic Exploration cruise vessel

"Albatros" - German Cruise vessel

"Almirante Irizar" - Argentine Icebreaker and Antarctic support vessel.

"Almirante Oscar Viel" - Chilean Antarctic supply vessel

"American Tern" - American Deep Freeze supply vessel

"Apostol Andrey" - Russian Oceanic yacht and Antarctic Circumnavigator.

"Aratika" - New Zealand Railways inter-island ferry.

"Archangelgracht"  - Dutch Container vessel used for 2001 American Antarctic supply

                                             - - - - - "Archangelgracht" Pictures - pictures taken at Lyttelton and on its Antarctic trip

"Arctic Sunrise" - Greenpeace enviromental protest vessel

"Arkona" - German Cruise liner

"Ary Rongel" - Brazil Antarctic Supply vessel

"Astor" - German Cruise liner

"Aurora Australis" - Australian Icebreaker and Antarctic Supply vessel

      "Aurora Australis" from 2004 onwards - Australian Icebreaker and Antarctic Supply vessel

"Austral Leader" - Australian fishing and research vessel


"Beachcomber" - Marlborough Sounds Tourist Launch

"Beachcomber Express" - Marlborough Sounds Mail Launch

"Braveheart" - New Zealand private Antarctic Support vessel

"Bremen" - Polar Eco-tourist expedition vessel

"Britannia" - British Royal Yacht


"Caledonian Star" - - Polar Eco-tourist expedition vessel

"Canterbury"   - Royal New Zealand Navy frigate

"Clipper Adventurer" - Eco-tourist expedition vessel

"Clipper Odyssey" - Sub-Antarctic expedition cruise vessel.

"Columbus" - Hapag-Lloyd Cruise liner 1997

"Condor Vitesse" - Fast Passenger Catamaran

"Crystal Harmony" -  Cruise Liner


"Delphin" - Cruise liner

"Deutschland" - German Cruise Liner

"Discovery". - Cruise and expedition ship.

"Doulos" - Historic Liner and floating Bookshop

"Dumbarton Castle" - Royal Navy Falkland Islands Patrol Ship


"Edwin Fox" - East Indiaman

"Endurance"   - Royal Navy Antarctic Ice Patrol Ship

"Ernest Shackleton" - British Antarctic Research Ship

"Esmeralda"  - Chilean Sail Training Barquentine

"Europa" - German Cruise Liner

"Europa" 1999 - German cruise Liner.

"Europa" - 1911 built 3 masted sailing vessel. visited Antarctica in 2002/2003


"Farley Mowat" - Environmental Campaign vessel (anti- Antarctic whaling)

"Fournier" - Argentine Supply vessel 1942-49

"Frontier Spirit" - Antarctic Cruise vessel


"Glenmore" - Marlborough sounds mail launch

"Greenwave" - American Antarctic Supply vessel.

"Grigoriy Mikheev" - Russian Antarctic cruise vessel.

"Gus W. Darnell" - American Antarctic Oil tanker


"Hakurei Maru" - Japanese oceanagraphic research ice -strengthened  vessel.

"Hanseatic" - Ice-Strengthened Cruise liner

"Healy" -  American Coast Guard Ice breaker

"Hesperides" - Spanish Antarctic Support vessel.

"Hinemoa" - New Zealand Inter-Island Steamer.

"Humboldt" - Peru Antarctic support vessel


"Ice Lady Patagonia"  Argentine Expedition cruise vessel.

"Italica" - Italian Antarctic supply vessel


"James Clark Ross" - Royal Research Ship  for British Antarctic Supply

"Jastarnia Bor" - Polish Antarctic supply vessel

"Ji Di"   Chinese Antarctic Supply vessel 1989-90.

"Joides Resolution" - US Research Drilling ship


"Kapitan Khlebnikov" - Soviet Icebreaker / Antarctic Expedition vessel

"Kapitan Khlebnikov" - Millennium cruise.

"Krasin" - Russian icebreaker chartered by American Deep Freeze 2004-05 season


"La Curieuse" - French Antarctic patrol vessel

"La Moqueuse" - French Pacific Fleet Patrol boat

"Las Palmas" - Spanish Antarctic support vessel

"L'Astrolabe" - French Antarctic supply vessel

"Laurence M. Gould" - US Icebreaker and Research Ship

"Lawrence H. Gianella" - US Antarctic Supply Tanker.

"Lautaro" - Chilean Navy Antarctic patrol/support vessel

"Leeds Castle" - Royal Navy Falkland Islands Patrol vessel.

"Legend of  the Seas" - 1990's Cruise liner

"Leucoton" - Chilean Navy Antarctic patrol/support vessel

"Lybov Orlova" - Russian Antarctic cruise vessel.

"Lyttelton" - Historic Steam Tugboat


"Magdalena Oldendorff" - Indian Antarctic Support vessel.

"Mare Australis" - Chile Patagonian Expedition cruise ship

"Marguerite Mirabaud". Shipwrecked French barque from 1907.

"Marion Dufresne" - French Antarctic Research/Supply ship.

"Mariposa" - American Cruise liner

"Marco Polo" - Cruise liner / Antarctic Expedition vessel

"Maxim Gorkiy" - German / Soviet Cruise Liner

"Melville" - American Oceanographic vessel engaged in Antarctic waters.

"Melville" - (H.M.A.S). Australian hydrographic vessel involved in AAT supply.

"Monowai" - New Zealand Survey ship


"Nambuk -Ho"  - Korean Research trawler.

"Nathaniel B. Palmer" - US Icebreaker and Research Ship

  -------- "Nathaniel B. Palmer"  - for mail from 2004 onwards

"Nordnorge" - Norwegian Cruise liner & Antarctic cruise vessel

"Norwegian Crown" - Cruise liner

"Norwegian Dream" - Cruise liner


"Oceanic Odyssey" - Cruise Liner and Antarctic tour vessel.

"Oden" - Swedish Icebreaker - under US charter 2007

"OGS Explora" - Italian Antarctic Oceanographic ship.

"Onnuri" - South Korean Antarctic research vessel

"Oriana" - (1967)  English Ocean Liner

"Oriana" - (1995)  English Cruise Liner

"Outeniqua" - South African Antarctic Logistics Ship


"Paardeberg" - Indian Antarctic support vessel

"Pacific Sky" - P & O Cruise Liner

"Paul Buck" American Supply tanker

Pitcairn Island Ship visits by Blue star vessels

Pitcairn Island visits by Yachts.

"Polar Bird" - Antarctic Supply vessel

"Polar Duke" - Antarctic supply vessel

"Polar Pioneer" - Russian Antarctic cruise vessel

"Polar Queen" - 1983 Antarctic Expedition vessel

"Polar Queen" - Antarctic Supply vessel

"Polar Sea" - US Coast Guard Icebreaker

"Polar Star" - US Coast Guard Icebreaker

"Polar Star" - Tourist Icebreaker

"Polarstern" - German Icebreaker and Antarctic research vessel

Port Chalmers - Set of historic Picture postcard scenes.

Professor Multanovskiy   - Russian Antarctic cruise vessel


"Queen Elizabeth 11" - Cruise or Ocean Liner


"Rainbow Warrior" (11) - Greenpeace protest vessel

"Richard G. Matthiesen" - American Antarctic supply tanker.

"Roger Revelle" - American Oceanographic vessel

"Royal Princess" -   P & O Cruise liner


"Sagafjord" - Cruise Liner

"Seabourn Sun" - Cruise Liner

"Sea Surveyor" - sub-Antarctic expedition vessel

"Seven Seas Navigator" - Cruise Liner

"Shirase" - Japanese Icebreaker, Antarctic expedition vessel

------Shirase - 47th Antarctic expedition

"Shonan Maru No 1" and "Shonan Maru No 2"  - Japanese Whale chasers and IWC Antarctic Research ships

"Silver Cloud" - Italian luxury cruise liner

"Silver Shadow" - Italian luxury cruise liner

"Sir Hubert Wilkins" - Private Australian Antarctic Expedition vessel

"Sky Princess" - Cruise liner.

" Somerset" - Royal Navy Frigate 1990's.on South Atlantic duty.

"Sonne" - German Oceanographic research vessel

"Southern Champion" - Australian Antarctic Fishing vessel used for AAT personnel transfer

"Southern Supporter" - Australian Antarctic Fisheries Protection vessel used for AAT personnel transfer

"Southern Surveyor" - Australian fisheries and scientific research vessel

"Spirit of Enderby" - - Russia / New Zealand Antarctic Exploration cruise vessel

"Spirit of New Zealand" - Sail training vessel

"Spirit of Tasmania" - Tasmanian Super Ferry

"Star Princess" - Cruise Liner

"Switzerland" - eco-cruise liner


"Tangaroa" - New Zealand marine and Antarctic research vessel

"Te Kaha" - New Zealand Navy Frigate including Antarctic Protection.

"The Explorer" - Cruise vessel.

"Tradewind" - Tall ship sub-Antarctic expedition vessel


"Union Rotoiti" - Trans-Tasman Container vessel

"Uruguay" - Argentine Sailing Warship and Antarctic memorial ship.


"Vaedderen" - Danish Royal Navy Inspection ship used for Galathea 3 Expedition

"Vanguardia" - Uruguayan Navy Antarctic supply vessel.

"Vasiliy Golovnin" - Australian Antarctic Division chartered supply vessel.

"Viking Bordeaux"- Cruise Liner.


"Waimarie" - New Zealand historic river paddle steamer.

"Waipa Delta" - New Zealand replica river paddle steamer.

"World Discoverer" - Antarctic eco-tourism cruise ship

"World Discoverer" -2002 - Antarctic expedition cruise vessel


"Xue Long" - Chinese Ice Breaker and Antarctic Supply vessel


Yuzhmorgeologiya - Russian Antarctic supply/research ship (under US charter)


"Zebu" - Operation Raleigh Brigantine

"Zenith" - Cruise Liner 1992.

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