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The "Polar Queen" is a Norwegian owned ice strengthened vessel built in 1995 for Rieber Shipping of Bergen. The vessel has been chartered several times for Australian Antarctic Base re-supply voyages.

In early 1999 with the unavailability of the "Aurora Australis" due to breakdown, the "Polar Queen" was again chartered to carry out urgent Base re-supply. The following season the vessel was renamed "Ernest Shackleton" and bareboat chartered to the British Antarctic Survey for a 10 year period.

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QUEEN 1 1999 (March 1st) cover from Mawson AAT Base  US$5

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QUEEN 2 1999 (March 4th) cover from Davis AAT Base  US$5

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QUEEN 3 1999 (March 10th) cover from Casey AAT Base  US$5

At the conclusion of this voyage the "Polar Queen" was released from charter.

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