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The "Outeniqua" is a South African Navy logistics ship which in recent years has operated as the main logistics ship for South Africa. It is based in Cape Town Naval Base.

For the 1997-98 Summer season both the "Outeniqua"and the supply ship "Agulhas" arrived at the main SANAE Base from Cape Town to commence the rebuilding of the main base.

The main South African Antarctic base is shown at right.

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OUTENIQUA 1   1998 (March 4th) Cover posted on return of vessel to Cape Town.    US$5

Note: This cover has a special cachet of the Dutch Blue Ice Experiment. The Dutch team conducted meteorological research from Svea or the Swedish Wasa base. The cover is autographed by a Dutch member of the team.

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The reverse of the above cover has the cute penguin cachet shown at left rubber stamped on it. This is thecachet for the Swedish Wasa Base.

The design at right is the current South African National Antarctic Program Logo.

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The "Outeniqua" made a short return voyage west to Rampen to off-load personnel and cargo for the Nordic Antarctic Research programme. After returning to SANAE she conducted several oceanographic research experiments before returning to Cape Town at the end of February with mail being postmarked at Cape Town on 4th March 1998.

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