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The "Onnuri" is a South Korean Research and Antarctic supply vessel built in 1991 at Bergen in Norway. She has a sister ship called the "Eardo".  Both have compliments of 15 crew and 17 scientists.   Both are operated by the Korean Ocean Research and Development Institute known as KORDI.  the picture above shows the "Onnuri" berthed at Punta Arenas in December 1999 prior to her departure to the South Korean Antarctic Base, "King Sejong" on King George Island.

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ONNURI 1  2000 (January 1st) Cover posted by "Onnuri" at King Sejong Base  US$6

Note: Most mail posted at King Sejong Base is posted out through the nearby Chilean Antarctic Base "Eduardo Frei" as there is a regular air transport connection to Southern Chile via Punta Arenas. This cover is backstamped on arrival at Christchurch on 18th February, 2000.

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The bridge of the "Onnuri"

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Crest for the 1999-2000 Expedition

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ONNURI 2  2000 (January 1st) Cover posted by "Onnuri" at King Sejong Base  US$6

Note: This cover is virtually identical yo ther previous one except that it has a different Antarctic stamp and it also has the Korean circular datestamp (Ist January 2000) applied in violet at center top.

The view at right shows the South Korean Antarctic Base "King Sejong" on King George Island.

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ONNURI 3  2000 (February 3rd) Cover posted by "Onnuri" at Punta Arenas US$6

Note: The above cover has been autographed by the ship's captain S.K. Kim. It has two Chilean Antarctic treaty stamps and it has been posted at Punta Arenas on "Onnuri"'s  return from the Antarctic.

The cover has a Korean Antarctic Program sticker on the reverse as shown at right.

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ONNURI 4  2000 (October 11th) Cover posted by "Onnuri" at Eduardo Frei Base  US$6

Note: this cover has been backstamped on arrival in Christchurch on 7th November, 2000.  The circular KARP cachet is often poorly impressed

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