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The "Monowai" was the New Zealand hydrographic Survey ship from when she was commissioned in 1977 until retirement in 1998. She had previously been the New Zealand Goverment Island supply vessel "Moana Roa". During her naval service she remapped most of the New Zealand coastline including the many sub-Antarctic islands as well as several Pacific islands in New Zealand's responsibility. She also often acted as re-supply vessel to Campbell and other sub-Antarctic island groups. She carried a helicopter and often undertook rescue or aid missions.

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MONOWAI 1  1978 Cover celebrating first arrival at Auckland Naval Base.   US$3

Note: Postmarked with Auckland Naval Base Cancellation.

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MONOWAI 2  1978 first arrival at Auckland autographed by Commanding Officer.   US$4

The "Monowai" was sold to Scottish buyers in 1998 but was laid up at Lowestoft in England after being found unsuitable for her intended use until October 2002 when she was finally sent to Spanish shipbreakers.

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