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The Maxim Gorki is a Soviet Union cruise liner now registered in Nassau in the Bahamas. She visited New Zealand in February 1999 during the course of a world cruise chartered by a German Tourist Company   "Phoenix Reisen GmbH" of Bonn and carried mostly German speaking tourists. While the ship cachets etc spell her name as the "Maxim Gorki", she actually has the name spelt as "Maxim Gorkiy" on her stern as the above photo of her at Lyttelton on 19th February 1999 shows.

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MAXIM 1  Cover with Russian stamp postmarked Christchurch Paquebot and with 2 ships cachets.  US$8

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This is the Official "Maxim Gorki" postcard issued by the tourist company. We show front and back.

MAXIM 2   Official Postcard used with Christchurch postmark NZ stamp and 2 cachets.  US$6

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This nice view of the "Maxim Gorki" shows her in the inner harbour at Lyttelton on 19th February 1999

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MAXIM 3   2001(February 6th) cover posted at Stanley, Falkland Islands.  US$5

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