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The "L'Astrolabe" is the main French Southern and Antarctic Territories support vessel. It is based at Hobart in Tasmania and sails each summer to the various French Bases both on the Antarctic Continent and in the Southern Indian Ocean.

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L'ASTROLABE 1   1998 Cover from MacQuarie Island.    US$4

Note: This cover, from the Dutch Elephant Seal exhibition, was picked up at MacQuarie Island on the 20th November, returning to Hobart on the 30th November. It is backstamped on arrival in Christchurch 15 December 1998.

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L'ASTROLABE 2   2000 (Oct 30th) Cover posted at Dumont D'Urville, T.A.A.F.    US$5

Note: The above cover is autographed by the commandant of "L'Astrolabe" Gerard Daudon who is shown at right in his cabin on board "L'Astrolabe".

He is shown signing some of the above covers and also has the vessels cachet in his other hand.

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"L'Astrolabe" is shown above in Hobart during her winter lay-over in June 2000.

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L'ASTROLABE 3   2000 (Oct 30th) Pictorial cover posted at Dumont D'Urville, T.A.A.F.    US$4

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L'ASTROLABE 4   2001 (October 29th) Polarogramme posted at Dumont D'Urville, T.A.A.F.    US$8

Note: The above Polarogramme is signed by the Captain Gerard Daudon.

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The above photo shows "L'Astrolabe" at Dumont D'Urville

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L'ASTROLABE 5   2002 (June 2nd) Cover posted at Dumont D'Urville, T.A.A.F.    US$6

Note: the above cover signed by the Captain of  "L'Astrolabe" emphasises the current French and other Governments attempts to protect the Antarctic Toothfish as per the CCAMLR agreement.

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L'ASTROLABE 6   2004 (February 16th) Polarogramme posted at Hobart.    US$5

Note: The above "L'Astrolabe" Polarogramme has been autographed by the ships Hobart agent, Mr Stephen Parodi of Beaufort Shipping Agency who is shown below preparing to do his autographing.

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The "L'Astrolabe" is shown at right berthed in Hobart in January 2004.

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