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The photo above shows her in Lyttelton Harbour on her first call in 1989.

The M V "Doulos" which was built in 1914 is now the oldest, active ocean-going passenger ship in the world according to the Guiness Book of records.  First named "Medina", she was built as an American cargo ship to carry Onions from New York to Texas. After the end of World War Two she was refitted in Italy and renamed "Roma".  In 1977 she was saved from the breakers by a International Christian Organisation and renamed "Doulos" which is Greek for "Servant".  Since then she has served this organisation as a floating religious and educational floating bookshop.

In 1999 The "Doulos" again returned to New Zealand with a 4 port visit including Lyttelton from May 4th to May 18th.    Because she had previously called at New Plymouth, paquebot mail was not possible but the "Doulos" of course has nice postcards and ships cachets available.

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DOULOS 1  1999 (May 10th) Picture postcard with 2 cachets and posted Christchurch.    Price US$3

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DOULOS 2 1999 (May 10th) cover with two ships cachets postmarked Christchurch.   Price US$3

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This shows "Doulos" berthed at Lyttelton in May 1999

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