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The "Condor Vitesse" is a fast ferry operating in New Zealand between Picton in the South Island and Wellington in the North Island. It is a wave piercing catamaran built in Tasmania and in New Zealand is operated by Trans Rail under the brand name "The Lynx".  It carries both passengers and vehicles and for the previous two seasons has operated for the summer months only returning to Europe for the rest of the year.

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CONDOR 1   1999 (December 24th) Envelope carried from Picton to Wellington.   Price US$2

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CONDOR 2   2000 (February 15th) Postcard carried from Picton to Wellington.   Price US$3

Note: This postcard has the on board ships cachet at lower left in blue. The picture side of the card is shown at the top of this page. The unusual bi-coloured postmark of Wellington is a SID (Self Inking Datestamp). This particular SID is the only one sighted in two colours. It was first used on 15th February 2000 so this postcard is the first day of use of the datestamp. Unluckily the datestamp itself was broken in early March and has now been replaced by a similar one all in black.

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