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The "Canterbury" was an improved "Leander" class frigate which was comissioned into the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1971. She carried a helicopter and had a crew of 239. She was a popular ship and  remained in commission until 2005 being the last of the New Zealand Navy's Leanders.

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CANTERBURY 1  1971 Souvenir envelope to celebrate commissioning day.   US$3

Note: The above cover has a special Pictorial British Forces Postal Service postmark as the "Canterbury" was built and commissioned in England.

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CANTERBURY 2  1976 Commemorative cover for Armed Forces Week.   US$3

Note: The home port of the "Canterbury" is Lyttelton, the port for Christchurch.

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CANTERBURY 3  1985 Maxi-card for issue of "Canterbury" stamp by NZ Post.   US$3

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CANTERBURY 4  1985 Maxi-card as above but signed by stamp designer.   US$5

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CANTERBURY 5  1999 Postcard posted on board during INTERFET in East Timor.    US$8

Note: The above card and the cover below have the commanding Officer's datestamp as well as the official ships crest. Both items have been postmarked on arrival back in New Zealand in the sealed Navy mail bag at the North Shore Mail Centre which is next to the Navy Base in Devonport.

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CANTERBURY 6  1999 Airmail envelope posted on board during INTERFET in East Timor.    US$8

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The photo at left shows the "Canterbury" and the Australian Royal Navy Assult/landing ship "Tobruk" off the East Timor Coast at Suai in October 1999.

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CANTERBURY 7  2001 postcard posted at Lyttelton during port call.    US$3

Note: The above postcard also has a "Canterbury" stamp affixed to the picture side and postmarked at Lyttelton 31st October, 2001 as the illustration at right shows.

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CANTERBURY 8  2005 Maxi-card for last home port call before de-commissioning.    US$5

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Note: the card above is signed on its face by Flight Captain G. Shaygitt who piloted the Canterbury's Seasprite helicopter into Christchurch's Cathedral Square. The picture at left shows the Seaprite departing Cathedral Square.


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The view above at right shows the "Canterbury" departing Lyttelton her home port for the last time at dusk escorted by various other harbour craft.

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