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The "Aurora Australis" continues to be the main support vessel for the Australian antarctic programme and makes several voyages each season from its home port of Hobart to Macquarie Island, Heard Island and the three main Australian Antarctic Bases as wsell as participating in joint work with other nations.

The picture at left shows the vessel departing Hobart in for the Antarctic in 2004.


AADavisSolar2004Decpc.jpg (76527 bytes)

AURORA 23  2004 (December 2nd) Postcard from Davis AAT Base.    US$5

AAMawsonwind2004pc.jpg (64446 bytes)

AURORA 24  2004 (December 8th) Wind Turbine Postcard from Mawson AAT Base.    US$5

MawsonTurbinepicci.jpg (59487 bytes)

The picture at left shows the erection of the new wind turbine at Mawson Base which happened in November 2004.

This turbine is used to provide power for the station and save the previous importation of fuels used for this purpose.


The above postcard also has a larger red "Aurora Australis" cachet on its reverse. The "Aurora Australis" had arrived at Mawson on the 7th of December 2004 and departed the following day.

AAMawsonJan05pc.jpg (77873 bytes)

AURORA 25  2005 (January 20th) Postcard from Mawson AAT Base.    US$5

AAMawsonJan05sigpc.jpg (89417 bytes)

AURORA 26  2005 (January 20th) Signed postcard from Mawson AAT Base.    US$8

The above postcard has been signed by the vessel's master, Captain Peter Pearson who is shown at right on board his vessel.

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AURORA 27  2005 (March 12th) Postcard from Casey AAT Base.    US$5

AABridgepicci.jpg (30686 bytes)

Bridge of "Aurora Australis"

AAHeliinhangerpic.jpg (32370 bytes)

Helicopter in hanger of "Aurora Australis"

AACaseyDec2005env.jpg (82457 bytes)

AURORA 28  2005 (December 21st) Envelope from Casey AAT Base.    US$5

AACaseyDec2005pcf.jpg (60099 bytes)

AURORA 29  2005 (December 21st) Postcard from Casey AAT Base.    US$5

AACaseyDec2005pcb.jpg (92933 bytes)

Note; The above picture is the reverse view of the above picture postcard (Aurora 29).

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