The following stamps are offered in mint unhinged condition.

NZH19672c.jpg (28267 bytes)

NZH19673c.jpg (28748 bytes)

RS1 1967 Health pair of stamps showing youth/All BlackRugby players.  US$1

NZ1991Rugbyset.jpg (61588 bytes)

RS2 1991 Rugby World Cup Mint set of 4 stamps.   US$5

NZ1991RugbyMS.jpg (59880 bytes)

RS3  1991 Rugby World Cup Miniature Sheet.  US$3

RS4  Same as above but with "PHILA NIPPON'91 " Overprint on Sheet.  US$7

199280cRugby.jpg (15773 bytes)

RS5  1992 "The Invincibiles" Rugby Player.  US$2

NZ1994Kiwiana.jpg (88156 bytes)

RS6  1994 Kiwiana Booklet pane with Rugby Gear stamp.  US$5


NZSuper12Blues2.jpg (31516 bytes)

Auckland "BLUES"

NZSuper12Chiefs2.jpg (31313 bytes)

Waikato "CHIEFS"

NZSuper12Hurricanes2.jpg (31632 bytes)

Wellington "HURRICANES"

NZSuper12Crusaders2.jpg (30916 bytes)

Canterbury "CRUSADERS"

NZSuper12Highlanders2.jpg (31281 bytes)


RS7   1999   "Super 12" set of 10 stamps mint.  US$6

NZBluesBkt.jpg (26286 bytes)

NZChiefsBkt.jpg (29215 bytes)

NZHurricanesBkt.jpg (31617 bytes)

NZCrusadersBkt.jpg (30419 bytes)

These five booklets each contain 10 stamps being 5 of each of the two designs for each team.

The stamps in the booklets are self-adhesive as opposed to lick and stick as in the set offered above and the miniature sheet below.

NZHighlandersBkt.jpg (30718 bytes)

RS8  1999 Super 12 set of 5 different booklets.  US$30

NZSuper12MS.jpg (86743 bytes)

RS9  1999 Super 12 Miniature sheet of all 10 stamps mint.  US$8


PacificIslRugby.jpg (52600 bytes)

RS10 1999 $1.50 Pacific Island immigrants with rugby player at bottom right mint.   US$2


RugbyABstamps2003set.jpg (83789 bytes)

RS11 2003 Centenary of All Blacks Tests  set of 6 mint.   US$8


RugbyABstamps2003MS.jpg (147511 bytes)

RS12 2003 Centenary of All Blacks Tests  Souvenir sheet.   US$8

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