Many of these cards are difficult to source and are produced in very limited numbers. they are often given away to selected clients by the advertising company while other cards are sold at large premiums in souvenir or sports stores in Japan and sometimes in New Zealand. most are produced in quantities of about 500 copies.

AB1987Lamb.jpg (20163 bytes)

JAB1 1987 All Blacks in Japan N.Z. Lamb. US$10

ABNatPanasonic.jpg (21430 bytes)

JAB2 National Panasonic Front row US$10


ABCans.jpg (21344 bytes)

JAB3  1987 World Cup winners. 50 units. US$10


ABGrandstand105.jpg (21129 bytes)

JAB4 As left but diff text. 105 units. US$10


ABCosmo.jpg (20489 bytes)

JAB5 Cosmo Motor Oil. All Blacks US$8


ABFujiOil.jpg (20334 bytes)

JAB6 Fuji Oil at foot All Blacks  US$10


ABFrontRow50.jpg (18239 bytes)

JAB7 Canned Meat. front row 50 units. US$10


ABFrontRow105.jpg (18297 bytes)

JAB8 Canned Meat. front row 105 unit  US$8


ABPlace kick.jpg (12302 bytes)

JAB9 Grant Fox US$8


ABPlace kickb.jpg (14158 bytes)

JAB10 Grant Fox  extra overprint. US$10


ABhalfback50.jpg (18816 bytes)

JAB11 1992 NZRFU 100 years 50 unit. US$8


ABhalfback105.jpg (18565 bytes)

JAB12 1992 NZRFU 100 years 105 unit. US$5


ABNissui.jpg (17765 bytes)

JAB13 Nissui lineout jump. US$10


ABAutographs.jpg (17973 bytes)

JAB14 1987 Citizen AB autographs. US$12


ABHakaNissui.jpg (18238 bytes)

JAB15 Nissui Haka.  US$10


ABNisui.jpg (18620 bytes)

JAB16 Nissui diff Logo.  US$10


AB1987Kirwan.jpg (19725 bytes)                AB1987Fox.jpg (18182 bytes)               AB1987Whetton.jpg (17281 bytes)

    JAB17 1987 John Kirwan US$15   JAB18   Grant Fox   US$15    JAB19   G. Whetton US$15


AB1991a.jpg (20311 bytes)AB1991b.jpg (20332 bytes)AB1991c.jpg (20695 bytes)

JAB20 1987(issued 1989) World Cup  Mint set of 3 (400 produced) in special folders   US$90


AB91a.jpg (19918 bytes)AB91b.jpg (21723 bytes)AB91c.jpg (20963 bytes)

JAB21 1991 World Cup All Blacks team set of three mint cards in special folders.   US$70


ABGoalposts.jpg (12560 bytes)

JAB22 All Blacks in front of Goal Posts.     US$5


JALNZRugby.jpg (18661 bytes)

JAB23 JAL Air NZ Southern Crossing.   US$15

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