These covers commemorate rugby games, other rugby events or anniversaries of important Rugby dates.  They are not arranged in any particular order.

NZ1989France.jpg (15779 bytes)

RCNZ1  1997 France verses NZ.   US$4

NZBuller.jpg (19807 bytes)

RCNZ2 1994 Buller Union Centenary.   US$4


NZRanfurly.jpg (21157 bytes)

RCNZ3  1994 Ranfurly Shield   US$4


NZSAfrica.jpg (23953 bytes)

RCNZ4  1994 NZ verses S Africa   US$4


NZSCanty.jpg (22263 bytes)

RCNZ5  1988 South Canterbury Union centenary autograph C.K. Saxton.  US$6


NZWestProv.jpg (22224 bytes)

RCNZ6  1993 Canterbury verses Western Province, South Africa.  US$4


NZHorowhenua.jpg (18666 bytes)

RCNZ7  1993 Horowhenua Cent.   US$4


NZMarlborough.jpg (19906 bytes)

RCNZ8 1988 Marlborough Cent. US$4


NZPumas.jpg (17602 bytes)

RCNZ9  1989 Argentine tour. US$4


NZWales.jpg (17723 bytes)

RCNZ10  1988 Wales verses NZ.   US$4


NZWanganui.jpg (15118 bytes)

RCNZ11 1987 Wanganui Cent.   US$4


NZWorldCup.jpg (18531 bytes)

RCNZ12  1987 World Cup.   US$5


NZCantyEP.jpg (24661 bytes)

RCNZ13 1994 Canty v Eastern Prov. US$4


NZ67FDC.jpg (18859 bytes)

RCNZ14  NZ Health FDC.   US$2


NZ1991FDC.jpg (33468 bytes)

RCNZ15  NZ 1991 Rugby World Cup First Day Cover.  US$5


NZ1991MSFDC.jpg (81888 bytes)

RCNZ16  NZ 1991 Rugby World Cup Miniature Sheet First Day Cover.  US$5


NZPSE.jpg (30330 bytes)

RCNZ17  NZ 1992  NZRFU Centenary Stamped Envelope First Day Postmarked.  US$5

blackadder.jpg (36305 bytes)

This photo shows Todd Blackadder at left and Daryl Gibson at right autographing the following Rugby covers at the Cathedral Square Post Shop


CrusaderGibson.jpg (56344 bytes)

RCNZ19  Super 12 Canterbury Crusaders FDC autographed Daryl Gibson.   US$4


CrusaderSurridge.jpg (53735 bytes)

RCNZ20  Super 12 Canterbury Crusaders FDC autographed Steve Surridge.   US$4


RugbyCrusadersS12cover.jpg (56973 bytes)

RCNZ21  Super 12 Canterbury Crusaders 1999 Special slogan postmark on cover   US$4


Crusader2000Cr.jpg (24294 bytes)

RCNZ22  Super 12 Canterbury Crusaders 2000 Special slogan postmark on cover   US$2

Note: The above is a commercially used example of the slogan used for only a few days to commemorate the "Three-peat" of the Crusaders winning the Super 12 for 2000.


RugbyRanfurlychampcvr00.jpg (37646 bytes)

RCNZ23    Canterbury Ranfurly Shield slogan postmark on cover   US$4


RugbySuper122002cvr2.jpg (26536 bytes)

RCNZ24    Crusaders 2002 Super 12  postmark on commercial cover   US$2

RugbyCantyRFUcvr.jpg (65112 bytes)

RCNZ25    Canterbury Rugby Football Union pictorial commercial cover   US$2

RugbyJadeStadiumcvr.jpg (70151 bytes)

RCNZ26    Jade Stadium commercial pictorial commercial cover   US$2

RugbyJadeStadiumcvr2.jpg (68145 bytes)

RCNZ27    Jade Stadium commercial pictorial commercial cover   US$2

RugbyABCentpc.jpg (58185 bytes)

RCNZ28    100 years New Zealand Test Rugby postcard unused   US$2

RCNZ29    Postcard same as above but used with Rugby centennial stamp  US$3

NZRugbyCantyRanfurlyholders2003cvr.jpg (26708 bytes)

RCNZ30    2003 Commercial envelope with Canterbury Ranfurly Shield Holders cancellation   US$8

Note: The above machine cancellation was used unannounced apparently for one postal clearance only and on one machine only. The postmark refers to the fact that Canterbury was celebrating holding the Ranfurly Shield for 3 years. The following day (Saturday) saw many past Canterbury players attend a special function and the Ranfurly Shield match against Wellington which ended in an historic 38 all draw which meant Canterbury retained the shield.


RugbyABBestwishescardfront.jpg (22524 bytes)

RugbyABBestwishescardpic.jpg (19803 bytes)

RCNZ31    2003 New Zealand Post All Blacks Supporters card used   US$3

Note: This postal stationery card with imprinted $1.50 stamp was issued by NZPost for supporters to send a message to the All Blacks in Australia on their 2003 World Cup campaign.

RCNZ32    Same as above but unused card     US$3

RugbyWelpexpmk03.jpg (17824 bytes)

RugbyWelpexpmk03b.jpg (17138 bytes)

RCNZ33    Centennial postcards (2) with Welpex Rugby player postmarks.     US$6

Note: the picture side of these postcards is as RCNZ28


RugbyNZ03Maxia.jpg (22187 bytes)

RugbyNZ03Maxib.jpg (22824 bytes) RugbyNZ03Maxic.jpg (23737 bytes)
RugbyNZ03Maxid.jpg (19693 bytes) RugbyNZ03Maxie.jpg (25474 bytes) RugbyNZ03Maxif.jpg (16446 bytes)

RCNZ34    2003 Centennial of NZ rugby set of 6 NZ Post maxi-cards.     US$10

(Illustration not available)

RCNZ35   2004 Bay of Plenty Steamers Ranfurly Shield "winners" postmark on commercial envelope  US$6

(Illustration not available)

RCNZ36   2004 Bay of Plenty Steamers Ranfurly Shield "holders" postmark on commercial envelope  US$6

RugbyCRanfurlyShield04cvr.jpg (38778 bytes)

RCNZ37   2004 Canterbury Ranfurly Shield holders postmark on commercial envelope  US$4

Rugby2004NPCChampspmk1.jpg (22619 bytes)

RCNZ38   2004 Canterbury NPC Champions postmark on commercial envelope  US$4

Rugby2004NPCChampspmk2.jpg (12817 bytes)

RCNZ39   2004 Canterbury NPC Champions postmark (diff) on commercial envelope  US$4

RCrusaders2005Champscvr.jpg (39752 bytes)

RCNZ40   2005 (May 30th) Crusaders 2005 Super 12 Champions envelope  US$4

R2005Crusadersslogan.jpg (23178 bytes)

RCNZ41   2005 Crusaders 2005 Super 12 Champions slogan postmark on commercial envelope  US$3

Note: All the 2005 slogans were done on a machine which gave a very poor quality impression. We will supply the best possible but all are inferrior quality.

2005 Lions Tour to New Zealand.

We have created a special page for items from this tour which can be seen by clicking here.

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