The following selection of postcards are all in unused perfect new condition and were first released in 2006. All have designs which relate to New Zealand Aviation and are based on actual historic aviation events. We only sell in the sets as issued. If you need further details about individual card designs please email us at;


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AirClassique 1.      Fly By Air Series of four "First Airliners" postcards     Price US$6

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SouthlandScot.jpg (29356 bytes)

WCAirTravel.jpg (25243 bytes)

AirClassique 2.     South Island Series of four "Cross Country" postcards    Price US$6

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AirC4.jpg (37370 bytes)

AirC1.jpg (26086 bytes)

AirC3.jpg (31404 bytes)

AirClassique 3.     New Zealand Series of four "Main Cities" postcards    Price US$6

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NI4.jpg (31354 bytes)

NI1.jpg (37919 bytes)

NI2.jpg (29245 bytes)

AirClassique 4.     Series of four "North Island Cities" postcards    Price US$6

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Pacific4.jpg (31264 bytes)

Pacific1.jpg (32701 bytes)

Pacific2.jpg (31119 bytes)

AirClassique 5.      Pacific Series of four "Island Routes" postcards     Price US$6

Topdressing1.jpg (30566 bytes)

Topdressing2.jpg (29903 bytes)

Topdressing3.jpg (27893 bytes)

Topdressing4.jpg (31734 bytes)

AirClassique 6.    Pioneering Aerial Topdressing Series of four  postcards   Price US$6

ACpccoro2.jpg (35934 bytes)

ACpccoro3.jpg (29531 bytes)

ACpccoro1.jpg (35456 bytes)

ACpccoro4.jpg (33905 bytes)

AirClassique 7.     New Zealand Provinces Series of four postcards    Price US$6

Antair1.jpg (28441 bytes)

Antair2.jpg (31131 bytes)

Antair3.jpg (27707 bytes)

Antair4.jpg (30103 bytes)

AirClassique 8.     Antarctica Series of four historic flights postcards    Price US$6

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