In 2004 New Zealand Post introduced a new type of stamps called D.I.Y. Stamps with the release of a self-adhesive sheet of 6 $1.50 stamps which could have the centre design added by the purchaser (with certain restrictions). The stamps only come in a $1.50 value which is the international airmail postcard rate. We offer below what we believe is the first specially printed design to take advance of this new "D.I.Y" stamp programme.

NZPostHundertwassersheet.jpg (80256 bytes)

HUNDERTWASSERNZPOST 1.     Mint Self-Adhesive booklet sheet.         Price US$10

Note: The design shows one of the new Zeppelin airships above Hundertwasser House in Altenrhein in Switzerland .

NZPostHundertwasserFDC.jpg (57865 bytes)

HUNDERTWASSERNZPOST 2.     First Day postcard of Hundertwasser D.I.Y. stamp.  Price US$10

KawakawaHundcard.jpg (93600 bytes)

HUNDERTWASSERNZPOST 3.     First Day postcard of Hundertwasser Kawakawa D.I.Y. stamp.  Price US$10

HUNDERTWASSERNZPOST 4.      Mint Self-Adhesive booklet sheet of Hundertwasser D.I.Y. stamps.  Price US$10

Note: The above design shows the famous Hundertwasser designed public toilets at Kawakawa in the town Hundertwasser lived in for the last few years of his life. The postcard has been postmarked at the Kawakawa postshop just a stones throw from the toilet building. These toilets are the most photographed toilets in New Zealand.

- Universal Mail New Zealand

The World famous Austrian Architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser spent the last 20 years of his life living in the north of New Zealand in a small town called Kawakawa in the Bay of Islands.

He is however not as well known in his adopted New Zealand as in his native Austria mainly because most of his architectural work is located in Europe.

A noted exception however is located in Kawakawa where the public toilets are a Hundertwasser design and they attract a continual stream of locals and tourists to pause and admire the uniqueness of Hundertwasser's architecture.

Many countries have now issued postage stamps using Hundertwasser artwork including of course Austria which has had several issues. For details of these Austrian Hundertwasser stamps and all other Hundertwasser stamps click here.

In 2002 Universal Mail New Zealand issued two self-adhesive booklet panes featuring 5 different famous Hundertwasser buildings. These stamps are fully valid for International Mail from New Zealand to any overseas destination.

Universal Mail New Zealand is a large freight and courier company which has over 500 collection (post boxes) locations scattered around New Zealand.

The five different designs are shown at right.



Hundertwasser$1.50stamp1.jpg (37549 bytes)

Hundertwasser$1.50stamp2.jpg (37070 bytes)
Hundertwasser$1.50stamp3.jpg (40307 bytes)
Hundertwasser$1.50stamp4.jpg (36595 bytes)
Hundertwasser$1.50stamp5.jpg (37671 bytes)

Hundertwasser$1.50pane.jpg (55894 bytes)

Hundertwasser$2.00pane.jpg (55131 bytes)


Pair of the two booklet panes unused as issued. The first pane contains 5 different $1.50 values (For the postcards and aerogrammes postal rate) while the second pane contains the same 5 designs but in $2 values (for the envelope postal rate).

Price US$20.


As previous item but the pair of booklet panes used.

Price US$20.


Hundertwasser$1.50paneFDC.jpg (105274 bytes)

HUNDERTWASSER 3.    First Day Covers (2) of both $1.50 & $2 panes on cover.   Price US$25


Hundertwasser$1.50FDcard.jpg (46622 bytes)

HUNDERTWASSER 4.     Set of 5 First Day Postcards of $1.50 values.       Price US$15


Hundertwasser$2.00FDC.jpg (35533 bytes)

HUNDERTWASSER 5.     Set of 5 First Day Covers of $2.00 values.       Price US$20


We also have created a web page for the fantasy "Sedang" Hundertwasser stamps which can be seen here

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