The Return of the King.

Released on 5th November, 2003 this final installment of stamps issued by New Zealand Post celebrates the forthcoming release of the last of this famous movie trilogy. As with the previous two series this latest issue consists of 6 basic stamp designs with each design printed in both gummed and self-adhesive versions which differ considerably. The gummed versions also come in individual souvenir sheets.   For ordering details click here

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RINGSKING 1.            Mint set of six Return of the King stamps                Price US $6.


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RINGSKING 2.   First Day Cover of the set of six stamps with special postmark     US$8.


LOTRKingpanesp.jpg (38002 bytes)
RINGSKING 3 .               Special Mint pane of six self-adhesive stamps                   US$7.

Note: The self-adhesive stamps are a different (smaller) size than the regular set.


LOTRKingsSAFDC.jpg (72914 bytes)
RINGSKING 4.            First day cover of the six self-adhesive stamps                  US$8


LOTKingsFDCpane.jpg (47125 bytes)
RINGSKING  5.             FDC of Mint pane of six self-adhesive stamps.               US$10.

Note: The above cover has the "Home of Middle Earth" hand datestamp.


LOTRKingmssetm.jpg (45843 bytes)

RINGSKING  6.                          Set of six mint souvenir sheets.                             US$8.


LOTRKingFDCMSset.jpg (81663 bytes)
RINGSKING 7.                     Set of 6 FDC's of souvenir sheets.                             US$12.
Note: This item has a total of 6 first day covers each bearing a different souvenir sheet.


LOTRKingbooklet.jpg (15346 bytes)
RINGSKING  8.            Special booklet of 10 Self Adhesive stamps.                    US$8.


LOTRKingmaxis.jpg (80233 bytes)
RINGSKING 9.                        Maxicard set of 6 maximum cards.                          US$12.
Note: The above cards are official New Zealand postal cards each with a $1.50 postal imprint on the address side.


LOTRKingmachineds.jpg (73377 bytes)

RINGSKING 10.    "Rings" Cover with Middle Earth machine datestamp.             US$3.


LOTRKingcomused.jpg (38177 bytes)
RINGSKING 11.   Middle Earth machine datestamp on commercial envelope.       US$2.

Note: The above cancellation produced on the large OCR machine was applied to some (not all) mail at Auckland, South Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch Mail centers. We can supply a set from all four centers if wished for US$8.


LOTKingsHomepmk.jpg (63088 bytes)

RINGSKING 12.  Middle Earth first day hand datestamp on special envelope.       US$2.
ROTKWellPremieremachinecvr.jpg (73608 bytes)
RINGSKING 13. "Rings" Cover with Middle Earth machine datestamp.  US$3.

Note: The above envelope has been postmarked on December 1st which was the date of the World Premiere held in Wellington.

LOTRWelpex0380cms.jpg (17507 bytes) LOTRWelpex0390cms.jpg (17864 bytes)
RINGSKING 14.     "Welpex 2003" Rings overprinted sheets pair mint     US$40.
Note: The above sheets were only available for purchase (one pair per person) with a season pass to the Welpex stamp exhibition held in Wellington in November 2003.


LOTRWelpexcvr.jpg (69150 bytes)
RINGSKING 15.  "Welpex 2003" Pair of overprinted sheets on covers (2).     US$50.
Note: We are showing only one of the envelopes above but the price includes the pair. Postmarked at the exhibition with the Home of Middle Earth postmark of 8 November, 2003 the envelopes also have a Welpex 2003 postmark at upper left.  We understand that less than 50 pairs of these envelopes exist.


LOTRKingsloganocrcvr.jpg (21126 bytes)
RINGSKING 16.  Middle Earth 'CFC Machine' cancel on commercial envelope.       US$3

Note: the above postmark was not announced by NZ Post. It has been used at smaller postal centers with only Dunedin, Hawkes' Bay and Tauranga seen so far.

KiwipexLOTRms2.jpg (31019 bytes) KiwipexLOTRms3.jpg (30802 bytes)
KiwipexLOTRms4.jpg (37626 bytes) KiwipexLOTRms1.jpg (32551 bytes)
RINGSKING 17.              Set of 4 "Kiwipex" overprinted sheets mint.                  US$40

Note: These sheets have been specially overprinted for the forthcoming national stamp Exhibition "Kiwipex 2006".  We understand only 200 sheets were overprinted.

RINGSKING 18.             Set of 4 "Kiwipex" overprinted sheets on FDC.               US$40

Note: Postmarked first day on 29 March 2004 on NZ Post first day envelopes. We understand that only 62 sets of FDC's were produced.

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A set of 9 different "Return of the King" chip phonecards has been issued by Telecom New Zealand for use in their payphones around New Zealand. Only 2000 of each of the above cards were released and it is doubtful if we will see many used cards and so interested collectors are advised to purchase an unused set as soon as possible as this set promises to be very popular. Price is US$80 per set. Click here to see the complete set of all 9 designs.

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