Oxford Cinderellas

are specialist Cinderella dealers which means they deal only in Cinderella stamps which includes Poster Stamps, Revenues, Stickers, Promotions Labels, local Posts, Fantasys and bogus issues. They don't deal in regular postage stamps.

The owner of Oxford cinderellas is Tim Maclaren who is shown at right "seeking out Cinderellas in far flung corners of the world"

Tim operates the mail-order business from the Banks Peninsula seaside resort town of Akaroa. fish1.gif (26229 bytes)

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Cinderellas have a long and famous history in New Zealand going back to the 19th century with the issue of Local Post stamps for the Great Barrier Island Pigeongram Service.  Several Local carriage companies also issued parcel stamps but the big growth in interest in Cinderellas started with the 1906 Christchurch Exhibition and the attractive series of 7 labels issued to promote the exhibition.

In 1940 The New Zealand Centennial Exhibition was held in Wellington where the famous label shown at left was issued.

Oxford Cinderellas can supply this label and many others. You can either send a "Wants List" or subscribe to Oxford Cinderellas regular Cinderella Postal Auctions.




FAX (03) 304 7614

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