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Hobby Stamps is a Christchurch based stamp dealing organisation situated at 5 Expo Place, Bromley with plenty of on site car parking.

HOBBY STAMPS retail shop is open Tuesday to Friday each week from 2 to 4pm each day.

We also operate a regular Postal Bid Sale. Contact us for a sample copy of our next catalogue.


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This photo shows Hobby stamps manager Francis Gidden (at right) pointing out a good stamp to a client.


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A view of our stamp premises.





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Another view of our stamp viewing area. Here you can sit down and view stamps in comfort and in good light.

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Happy customer "Bazza" at left with Francis Gidden (at right)

Hobby Stamps operate the popular


held Saturday mornings   9am to 12 noon on second Saturday each month.

vendors - tables cost $5 for a single table or $10 for a double.

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Tea, coffee and a chocolate biscuit are available.

For bookings and other details phone (03) 376-6464 

or  Fax (03) 376-6467

or Email us at hobbystamps@paradise.net.nz



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Hobby stamps specialise in stamps on paper mixtures. We have good mixtures at reasonable prices which are sourced from our local church groups. We can supply both New Zealand and foreign mixtures.

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Phone us on (03) 376-6464

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Fax us on (03) 376-6467

Our email address is


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Our postal address is

P.O.Box 19-578,


New Zealand

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