Christchurch   organised philately dates from 1910 when a meeting was held by a small group of collectors based around the Chum's Society of Stamp Collectors from the English Boys magazine "Chums". On 9th August 1911 however a decision was made to form the Christchurch Junior Philatelic Society and the first meetings was held in the Y.M.C.A building on the 15th August 1911.

One year later in 1912 the Society's name was changed by the deletion of the word "Junior" and thus the Christchurch Philatelic Society was born.  The meeting elected Sir Heaton Rhodes, a keen collector and the current Postmaster-General as its first Patron and W.J. Wilson as its first Secretary.

In 1931 the widespread interest in aviation saw the forming in Christchurch of the Airmail Society of New Zealand.

Airmail_Soc_1949.jpg (129339 bytes)

Airmail Society Sponsored cover to celebrate 80th Anniversary of the World's first airmail stamps

1944 saw the birth of yet another Christchurch based Society when the New Zealand Stamp Collectors Club was formed.

Congress56.jpg (63696 bytes)

1956 Philatelic Congress Organised by the Combined Societies

The 1960's saw the formation in Christchurch of several philatelic special interest groups such as a Postal History group and the Canterbury Museum Junior Stamp Club which has subsequently dropped the Museum title as it has moved in with other Christchurch senior clubs meeting in   Philatelic Centre clubrooms.


Christchurch has seen a great many philatelic exhibitions staged in the city.

In 1924 Christchurch was host to New Zealand's first competitive stamp exhibition when the "THIRD AUSTRALASIAN CONGRESS and EXHIBITION" was staged.  In 1950 CANPEX brought a new scale to philatelic exhibitions in New Zealand when some 219 entries were attracted to an exhibition which was staged to commemorate the Centenial of the founding of Canterbury.

Stampex_85_stands.jpg (10906 bytes)

Some of the Displays at Stampex'85 held in theHorticultural Hall, Christchurch.

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