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Ferrymead Philatelic is the philatelic arm of the Ferrymead Post & Telegraph Historical Society which is one of the many historic organisations based at the Ferrymead Historic Park at 269 Bridle Path Road in Heathcote, Christchurch.

The Park is open 10am to 4.30pm with the Historic Ferrymead Post Office open on Thursdays, weekends and public holidays. Special arrangements can also be made for tours on other days.


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Outside view of the Historic Ferrymead Post Office



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Inside view showing Postal counter in operation

The Ferrymead Post and Telegraph Historical Society is an accredited Post Shop selling stamps and processing most types of mail. there are also displays of old telephones and telegraph equipment. The Society also provides the Park with a 100 line internal automatic telephone system from its line depot and its 3 old line trucks.

Ferrymead Philatelic which is owned and operated by the Historical Society has since 1977 produced a variety of philatelic souvenirs for sale through the Post office or by Mail Order. These souvenirs usually relate to historic events or transport themes which are present at the Park.

The current manager of Ferrymead Philatelic is Mr John Mathison.

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The cover above commemorates the first day of the Society's Permanent Pictorial Datestamp in 1981. This datestamp is still currently in use in the Historic Post Office.

Ferrymead Philatelic can be contacted by post as follows;

Ferrymead Post & Telegraph Historical Society Inc, P.O.Box 2500, Christchurch, New Zealand.

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