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Philatelic Properties Ltd is a holding company owned jointly and equally by the Philatelic Foundation Christchurch Inc and The Christchurch Philatelic Society Inc.

The Company has a number (about 20) of Christchurch's leading stamp collectors as ordinary shareholders who each hold 10 non-tradable shares. These share give the right to vote for the five elected directors who manage the property at 67 Mandeville St called The Philatelic Centre. This property is the home of all the stamp clubs in Christchurch.

The building called "The Philatelic Centre" is situated at 67 Mandeville St in inner Riccarton, Christchurch.

It is two storeyed at front and single storeyed behind where the main meeting room and library spaces are located.

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Plaque in entranceway celebrating the 1998 opening by Bryan Ogier

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  Philatelic Centre,  67  Mandeville St  -  Front view

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Sideview of building

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This shows part of the main meeting room during the official opening performed by the then current  President of the Philatelic Federation of New Zealand, Mr Bryan Ogier of Palmerston North.

Mr Gerald Ellott of Auckland presenting a talk and display of his collection of "Sailors Mail" in the upstairs room at 67 Mandeville St.

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The Company is a non-profit making organisation whose sole role is to operate this building for the benefit of Christchurch Philately.

The five current directors (2003) of Philatelic Properties are; Jeff Long (Managing Director), Paul Clark, Robert Duns, Robert Rush and Graham Muir.

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