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Good or bad news for members? The 2 November edition of the National Business Review has an article, ‘Stamp market takes a share as investors back off from stocks’.

John Wadden was very interested in the article about the US pneumatic tube mail system and offered to show me some German tube mail but he had forgotten that he had put it into a local auction! He hasn’t quite ‘lost it’ yet though – his greeting to his surgeon the day after an operation: ‘Hello, nice to meet you unarmed this time!’

Contact Allan Berry at or 238, Waikiekie Road, Thames if you would like to purchase Pigeon Mail Through History by Salador Bofarull at 25-00 plus 8-25 airmail or 3-73 surface mail or Rossiter Postal History Journal Volume 2 at 10-00 plus 5-52 airmail or 3-20 surface mail. The second volume contains articles on the Goldfields of Victoria, Pre-Soviet Mail and Early mails between Constantinople and the West. Make your payment by cheque payable to Allan P Berry for the equivalent in New Zealand currency.

To commemorate the late Robert Samuel’s involvement with the Philatelic Foundation Inc. from 1973 – 2001 and his contribution to philately, the Philatelic Foundation (Christchurch) Inc. has established a fund to finance a series of philatelic lectures. Such lectures may be held annually and will be recorded for publication. Robert had suggested that a visiting speaker(s) be financed to travel to New Zealand and provide a series of philatelic lectures but that suggestion never came to fruition. The Robert Samuel Memorial Lecture is a development from that concept. The publication of such lectures will reflect Robert’s interest in philatelic literature.

A woman went to the Post Office to buy stamps for her New Year Greetings cards. ‘What denomination?’ asked the assistant. ‘Oh, good heavens! Have we come to this?’ said the woman. ‘Well give me half a sheet of Anglicans, a strip of Presbyterians and a plate block of Baptists.’


NZSCC evening meeting will be on Wednesday, 23 January at 7:30pm in the Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville Street, Riccarton.

Items of interest Do bring these to the meeting.

Silent Display A thematic display about the production of wine will be on display.

Informal auction Members – you can bring along up to five non-reserved items, which will be given lot numbers and left on show for others to inspect.

One-page competition ‘Cinderellas’. Winner gets a bottle of wine! Runners up will receive Circuit Book credits.

Drinks & nibbles Shirley is organising this for us. She uses money raised from raffles to cover costs.

NZSCC afternoon meeting is to be held on Wednesday, 6 February from 1:30pm to 3:30pm in the Philatelic Centre.

Raffle See Don Walker for a ticket in this raffle.

Buy, sell or exchange BYO cash or stamps!

Subscriptions now overdue

If you haven’t paid by 31 December 2001,

  • a single subscription $20 is NOT reducible to $15

  • a family subscription $25 is NOT reducible to $20


November Meeting Report

Raffles: A good crowd turned up to the meeting and Shirley was overwhelmed by the demand for raffle tickets. It was a bit confusing as there were three raffles on the go. We had our regular raffle, Christmas tree raffle and Christmas Hamper raffle. To explain a little about the Christmas tree raffle: Shirley bought a small Christmas tree and attached a variety of scratch-and-win tickets to it. Tickets for this raffle are 50c each. She has bought a second tree for the Daytime Meeting - tickets will be on sale at 50c each next Wednesday 4 December.

Talks & Displays: Geoff Tyson had the Youth Inter-Club shield on display along with the collections that won the award. He spoke briefly about winning this shield. Steven McLachlan gave a short talk about the Federation weekend and Don Walker gave a very short speech after receiving the certificate to go with the pin he received for ‘New Zealand Philatelic Federation Deserving Philatelist’ from Jeff Long.

Auction: As usual, this went smoothly and a variety of people managed to make successful bids for items. Some Swedish lots proved to be very popular.

 December Daytime Meeting

Raffle: Christmas tree for the Daytime Meeting - tickets will be on sale at 50c each next Wednesday 4 December. You can donate items for the Christmas Hamper if you like.

Buy, sell or swap: Bring cash or stamps!


News from here and there

Congratulations to Bruce Alexandre who won the NORTHPEX 2002 lottery! He won an AIR NEW ZEALAND AUSSIE MYSTERY BREAK FOR TWO.

A vote of thanks to our patron, Robert Duns who has promised to provide a Christmas cake for our party on 12 December.

Our librarian, Ian Andrews is looking very pleased with himself - we aren’t quite sure why this is. He has been on holiday in the Catlins.

Thanks from our treasurer, David Fortune who had a great result from sending out ‘sub reminder’ notices to people. He was so keen that he even sent a notice out to someone who had paid!

Congratulations to our secretary, Jackie van der Plas who won the bottle of Canterbury Cream for her entry in the one-page competition.

Congratulations to Doug Gray on his 70th Birthday. We understand that he was surprised  with a special Birthday Party attended by over 50 people all organised by his wife.

News article From our president, Steven McLachlan:

I noticed an interesting aspect to a Court case in The Press. It involved a court order being granted to Christchurch based Skellerup Industries against North Island based Bulls Eye Rubber Products Ltd for passing off some gumboots as look-alikes to Skellerups famous Red Band gumboots. The Skellerup gumboots were claimed to be a ‘national icon’. It appears that Bulls Eye had made and imported some gumboots, which had the same colouring and design hoping to benefit from the Skellerup icon’s reputation. As proof of the status of the Skellerup gumboots being icons it was stated that they had appeared on Postage stamps, telephone cards etc, etc. The case was found in Skellerups favour. Interestingly we have several connections with this case apart from the basic Postage stamp design. Sir Valdamir Skellerup who founded Skellerups was a keen stamp collector and a long time member of the New Zealand Stamp Collectors’ Club up to his death sometime in the 1970s. His sister Mrs Gwen Crozier was also a keen member of our club until her death in the early 1990s. They both would have been thrilled to see their product on a postage stamp.

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