The Philatelic Foundation Christchurch Inc was formed from the committee of Panpex'77 National Stamp Exhibition organisation in 1977 following the successful holding of that exhibition.

The people on that committee did not want to see the expertise they had developed go to waste as far as philately was concerned and so the Panpex'77 organisation was renamed and The Philatelic Foundation Christchurch Inc was born.

Its first task was to acquire ownership of a home for philately in Christchurch. This was achieved with the purchase of the property at 27 Worcester Boulevard in central Christchurch which became the home for organised Philately in Christchurch for the next 20 years until sold in 1997 to aid in the purchase of the current building at 67 Mandeville St.

Currently the Philatelic Foundation Christchurch (Inc) occupies the top storey of 67 Mandeville St from where it organises its regular monthly public stamp auctions and occasional postal auctions.

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Panpex '77 Postal Stationery Label sheet

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The Philatelic Centre 27 Worcester Boulevard

1977 - 1997

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Membership of the Foundation is by invitation only and comprises most of the leading stamp collectors in Canterbury along with a few who have Christchurch roots but who have subsequently moved elsewhere. membership usually stands between 20 and 30 members who appoint a standing committee which undertakes the main roles of the Foundation.

Current Committee Members of The Philatelic Foundation

Chairman Robert Duns Treasurer Graeme Muir
Vice- Chairman John Wilson Secretary Robert Rush
Committee Paul Clark Committee Don Mee
Committee Steven McLachlan Committee Tom O'Carroll
Committee Malcolm Westgarth

Philatelic Foundation Roles include;

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Robert Duns (President of the Philatelic Foundation) at left being presented with an award by the late Robert Samuel for his outstanding involvement in seeing the commissioning of the new Philatelic centre at 67 Mandeville St in November 1998

The Philatelic Foundation Christchurch Inc can be contacted as follows

By mail:

Philatelic Foundation Christchurch Inc,

P.O.Box 1129,   Christchurch

By Phone

+64 (3) 366-6390  (Steven Mclachlan)


By Fax:

+64 (3) 374-6001


By Email


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