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Secretary. Geoff.Tyson Treasurer. Graham Muir Library. Malcolm Westgarth
Editor. Bernard Hempseed Exch. Supt.Tony Stockley Collections Convr Paul Clark
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Committee.FransVanDer Plas IPP. David Reynolds. Secretary Ph (03) 354 1064


NOTICE IS GIVEN OF THE SOCIETY’S MONTHLY MEETING to be held at THE PHILATELIC CENTRE, 67 Mandeville Street, Riccarton on Tuesday 10th October 2006 at 7.45pm. The President warmly welcomes Society members and visitors to attend this meeting.

The Programme will be as follows:

Welcome, then any Society Notices, Items of Interest, followed by the Talk and Display. Often we find that some of our collections can be small and sweet. This month we are bringing up to six one-frame displays of general philatelic interest. We hope to show how small collections can be very philatelicly interesting and the result of a lot of fun. Even some of these small collections can have some very elusive items. Mr Hank Smitts will be supported by a few other members who will bring us an interesting night of philately.


By Hank Smitts

With a Pot-pourri of Philately.

Vote of Thanks will be given in appreciation. We draw the Raffle before closing the meeting. Light refreshments are available at the end of the meeting.


Monday 2nd October 2006. Postal History Group. Invercargill again.


Tuesday 10th October. Main Meeting. Mr Hank Smitts and a Pot-pourri of Philately.


Tuesday 17th October. Library Night. Always something new coming into the Library. Always a good time too, to view Circuit books.


Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st October. Judging Seminars. Postal stationery, Thematics and Postal History. For more info. Contact the Secretary at

Tuesday 31st October. Setting up Kiwipex 2006. Meet at Chch Convention Centre 8.30.

Wednesday 1st November. Setting up Kiwipex 2006.

Thursday 2nd November. Opening of Kiwipex 2006 at 10am. Chairman’s Reception at 7pm.

Friday 3rd November. Visit to Christchurch Mail Centre 4 to 6pm. Free Social function follows.

Then at 7.30pm at the Philatelic Centre, Mandeville St. launches of Dr Jim Robb’s new book.

Saturday 4th November. Full day of Philatelic groups meetings. Palmares at the Christchurch Town Hall at 7pm. This will include the Kiwipex 2006 Auction.

Sunday 5th November 2006. Final day with Kiwipex 2006 closing at 4pm. Working Party will be most welcome to help pack up the Hall. Job and Finish.


For many Philatelic Exhibitors, October will be a busy month up grading and finishing off their Exhibits for Kiwipex 2006. What do you think of the comment, "Not so bad, just a prelim to gearing up for the silly season before Christmas."? At our November meeting we will have the privileged of having one of the overseas Judges give the Society a Talk and display. Something to look forward to. Those on the Circuit, did you notice that the Circuit books have a few more booklets included in the folders. Keep them books flowing and going. Geoff Tyson Secretary


The Christchurch Philatelic Society has its origins back in 1910 with a group of Christchurch school boys who started a group based on the Chum's Society of Stamp Collectors. In 1911 this was formalised with the formation of a society called the Christchurch Junior Philatelic Society which in 1912 was renamed the Christchurch Philatelic Society.

Since those early days the Society has flourished to the present where it can now boast that it has the largest membership of any philatelic organisation in the Southern Hemisphere with some 600 members in New Zealand and abroad. It is a 50% shareholder in the company, Philatelic Properties Ltd, which owns and operates the Philatelic Centre at 67 Mandeville Street in which the Philatelic Society holds its meetings and operates its extensive library.

The Society produces a monthly newsletter called "Captain Coqk" which provides a lively forum for Society  members on mostly philatelic matters.

CPSMeeting.jpg (65410 bytes)

The Society holds regular evening meetings on a monthly basis and also has a monthly Library night.

CPSLib.jpg (110128 bytes)

The photo at left shows part of the Society's library being unpacked in the Society's new library during 1998.

This library is the largest Philatelic Library in the southern Hemisphere and is open to all members several times a month.

The Christchurch Philatelic Society may be contacted via mail at P.O.Box 29, Christchurch, New Zealand

or by email to the Secretary Geoff Tyson

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