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The Air Mail Society of New Zealand was founded in 1930 at the commencement of regular aerial services in this country. It has since then reflected this nations abiding interest in everything aviation. From 1935 the Society has published a regular magazine and then it wasn't long before the first of a series of handbook was published. This first edition dealing with the Internal flights of New Zealand has since been followed by others dealing with external flights, aviation cinderellas and updates on earlier volumes.

The Society while based in Christchurch, has one quarter of its members elsewhere in New Zealand and another half residing in overseas countries. These members are kept in touch through a monthly newsletter and regular postal auctions.


Shown at right is our late patron Jim Stapleton with the special plaque from the American Air Mail Society certifying that he had been added to the Aerophilatelic Hall of Fame. This award, announced at the AAMS at the 2002 Convention in St. Louis was presented to Jim in Christchurch on 3rd March 2002.

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For all correspondence write to;

the Secretary - Air Mail Society of New Zealand,

P.O.Box 29144,     Fendalton, Christchurch.

New Zealand.

email: Alan Tunnicliffe

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The Air Mail Society has long participated in Stamp Exhibition.

For the 1961 National show in Christchurch, The Air Mail Society was one of the four organising Societies. The label shown at left reflects this involvement and indicates that members were interested in aviation matters from the early flights to those jet flights of the 1960's.

Since then of course the Society interests have expanded to include modern aviation such as supersonic flights, helicopter mails, pigeon posts and space flights..


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1940 Around the World flight cover

Because New Zealand is an Island Nation, and a long, often mountainous one far flung from other countries, its population have come to rely on aircraft as a sensible means of communication and travel. During the Second World War an extra-ordinary effort saw New Zealand provide the largest number of personnel to the Allied Air Forces of any country on a per capita basis.


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All New Zealand's leading aerophilatelists are members of the Air Mail Society of New Zealand.

The photos above show Bruce Alexandre, Keith Griffiths, Peter Johns and Alan Tunnicliffe at the Airmail Society's Jubilee Exhibition held in 1988.

The  current President is Rick Oxenham. The Secretary /Treasurer is Alan Tunnicliffe, the Sales Branch Manager is Barry Smith of Masterton while Steven Mclachlan is competitions convenor.

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Past Patron Jim Stapleton at left with Alan Berry a member from Thames

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Secretary Alan Tunnicliffe at left and president Rick Oxenham at right during the Society's 1999 AGM

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Aerophilately.

For Subscription details write to the secretary Alan Tunnicliffe.

There are related Aerophilatelic Societies in Australia, The USA and  England.


The society has the following publication available for purchase.

  • Volume One "Airmails of New Zealand - Internal Flights to 1955."  by Douglas A. Walker.                  NZ$20 Plus Post/Packaging

  • Volume Two "Airmails of New Zealand - Overseas Flights 1928-1940."  by Douglas A. Walker. NZ$50 Plus Post/Packaging

  • Volume Three "Airmails of New Zealand - Overseas Flights 1940- 1970." by Robin M. Startup.  NZ$54 Plus Post/Packaging

  • New Zealand Airmail Label & Aviation Cinderella Catalogue by James A.Stapleton. (Priced).       NZ$21 Plus Post/Packaging

  • New Zealand Airmail Catalogue by James A. Stapleton.                                                                                              NZ$21 Plus Post/Packaging

For a selection of Airmail Books from other countries click here to visit Aerophil

The Air Mail Society also has available a number of special covers and cinderella sheets available for purchase

write to the Secretary for details.

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