New Zealand Aviation Covers

The following selection of covers indicate some of the types of cover collected by members of the Air mail Society of New Zealand. Our newsletter and Auction Sales list regularly include this type of cover.

Air1931label.jpg (64563 bytes)

This 1931 First Day Cover has a Special Airmail Society ettiquette at bottom right.

(N.B. This cover is actually postmarked one day before official first day of issue.)


Air31cachet.jpg (73109 bytes)

For Christmas 1931 Series of Flights the Airmail Society of New Zealand produced a specially printed envelope as shown above.


Airmail Soc 1949.jpg (129339 bytes)

In 1949 The Airmail Society celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the World's first airmail stamps - the famous Great Barrier Island pigeon Post stamps.


Airmail 55 Ex FDC.jpg (95766 bytes)

In 1955 The Airmail Society celebrated its Silver Jubilee by running a stamp exhibition and producing this special envelope.


Airmail 1980 Cind.jpg (272561 bytes)

This sheet of cinderella stamps was issued by the Society in 1990 to celebrate our Diamond Jubilee.

The designs feature artwork used in various flight covers over the past 60 years.

Copies of this sheet and others are available from the secretary at P.O.Box 29144, Fendalton, Christchurch.


ANZ60ThPac.jpg (107107 bytes)

In 1997 the Airmail Society produced a special flown cover to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the first Official Trans-Pacific Airmail Flight in 1938.

The above cover has a special slogan postmark reading "60th Anniversary N.Z.-U.S.A. First Airmail Auckland NZ 5pm 31-DEC-1997".

It arrived in Honolulu January 2nd having crossed the International dateline. Copies of this cover are still available from the Secretary @ NZ$10 each.


helicoptr.gif (22636 bytes)

Airmail Society members also collect

  • Helicopter Mail

  • Space Stamps & covers

  • Aerogrammes & other Stationery

  • Airmail stamps

  • Aircraft on Stamps

  • Crash Mail

  • Airships & Zeppelins


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