A synopsis is a summary of information that you would like to convey to the judges prior to the exhibition, enabling them to better appreciate the importance and content of your exhibit. It provides additional information to that on your title page and entry form. This is a comparatively recent idea and is the first time a NZ Exhibition Committee has provided this page.

Title of Exhibit:


Purpose of the exhibit (what the exhibit aims to show and how):




Philatelic significance/importance of the exhibit:




Difficulty in duplicating the exhibit:




Research undertaken:




Scarce/rare items/highlights (including how highlighted) shown:





Better items added and other changes made since the entry was last exhibited:





Main references:







Note: it is not compulsory to complete this page. If you do complete this synopsis page, then it will be forwarded to the judges for their information, along with a copy of your title page (and a plan page if you have one). Also note that this is not about how much you have spent on your exhibit, previous medals awarded, or what medal level you "expect". Thank you.

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