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Welcome to Kiwipex 2006!


Firstly - you all deserve an explanation, so here goes ...... Canpex 2000 was a very successful New Zealand national stamp exhibition, and whilst it fades into the more distant past Canpex 2000 made a reasonable surplus. At a meeting held late last year it was decided not to wind Canpex 2000 up but to continue in existence albeit in a different form. After the necessary changes were made, and approved by the Registrar of Incorporated societies, the organization’s name was altered (to Canpex Inc) and an application was made to the New Zealand Philatelic Federation to stage a national stamp exhibition in Christchurch in the year 2006 - this application was approved.

The exhibition will be known as Kiwipex 2006 and is being held to celebrate the centenary of the 1906/1907 New Zealand International Exhibition - held in Christchurch.

The 1906 Christchurch Exhibition opened to the public on 1 November 1906 - which was a Thursday. Kiwipex 2006 will be open to visitors on Thursday 2 November 2006 - exactly 100 years to the day of the opening of the Christchurch Exhibition! Kiwipex 2006 will close on Sunday 5 November 2006.

The venue for Kiwipex 2006 will be the Christchurch Convention Centre, in central Christchurch. It is easily accessible from most parts of the city and within walking distance are several quality hotels, and fine restaurants as well as the Christchurch Casino. In addition, there is an airbridge connection to the Christchurch Town Hall - another prominent Christchurch landmark. Kiwipex 2006 will be able to accommodate 700+ frames of exhibits and hopes to have about 2 dozen trade stands in addition to New Zealand Post’s attendance.

The organizers of Kiwipex 2006 include several of those who were successfully involved with Canpex 2000, and at present only a small team is involved with organizing Kiwipex 2006.

The Kiwipex 2006 officers are:-

  • David Smitham - president

  • Karen Jeffrey - secretary

  • Graham Muir - treasurer

  • Jeff long - chairman of the jury

  • Sue McIntosh - NZPF coordinator

  • Paul Wales - NZSDA coordinator

  • Terry McQuinn - NZ Post coordinator

Kiwipex 2006 has opened up a post office box - see details above - and this should be used for all postal correspondence. Alternatively e-mails may be sent to:

As with Canpex 2000, much work needs to be carried out in order to make Kiwipex 2006 a success. Even with the modest surplus after Canpex 2000, the organizers of Kiwipex 2006 are grappling with a budget of approximately $100,000 and this is where you - our reader - comes in!

Kiwipex 2006 needs supporting members

As with any major event, or stamp exhibition, funding is a primary concern. Canpex 2000 very successfully operated a supporting membership scheme. This concept is being emulated by Kiwipex 2006, and already we are proud to have a few Kiwipex 2006 supporting members!

How does one become a Kiwipex 2006 supporting member?   Dead easy - send us an email and a one off NZ$20.00 remittance.

Cheques/cash are acceptable as are credit card payments - any Kiwipex 2006 supporting memberships (etc) paid via credit card will be billed to your account as a Stirling & Co charge, whom we thank for making this facility available to us.

What does one receive for one’s Kiwipex 2006 $20.00 support?  Firstly, a complimentary admission ticket and secondly, all succeeding Kiwipex 2006 newsletters. This first newsletter was mailed out to all (1000+ names!) those on the Canpex 2000 data base. NB a positive response from readers (either by buying souvenirs, taking out supporting memberships, being part of the Kiwi Challenge) is needed in order that they continue to receive our mail outs.

With such a large mailing list, if only a few of our readers actively support Kiwipex 2006 (by buying souvenirs, taking out supporting memberships, or being part of the Kiwi Challenge) it becomes prohibitively expensive to continue to produce and mail out our newsletters and offers to all on our data base if they are unwanted by many. We hope that you will understand our position - so please help us - be POSITIVE - become a Kiwipex 2006 supporting member!

The Kiwi Challenge

The Kiwi Challenge was launched earlier in the year, and is based upon the Australians’ Challenge concepts. Briefly, this involves the compilation over the next 4 years of either a national class exhibit (comprising of 3 to 8 frames), or a single frame entry of a British Colony’s Postal History. Only one exhibit per colony is permitted and already almost 20 exhibitors have signed up to participate in the Kiwi Challenge which will culminate at Kiwipex 2006! Just imagine - creating a new exhibit in only four years. Yes - it can be done!

Over the past few years the Australian philatelic fraternity instigated various challenges. These were successful and involved the creation of a number of new exhibits with a common theme. For example some have been postal stationery oriented and a current Australian Challenge is of modern philately, and another involves Middle Eastern countries. The challenges have a finite time span and culminate at an exhibition when all challengers’ new entries are judged.

A Kiwi Challenge convenor, separate from the Kiwipex 2006 organizing committee, has undertaken to oversee this exciting concept! As mentioned a number of colonies have already been taken and for those interested in joining the Kiwi Challenge please contact:

Bruce Marshall The Kiwi Challenge Convenor, PO Box 3212, HBMC, Napier,

or via e-mail:

Note: this does not preclude two postal history entries of any colony from being entered in Kiwipex 2006, but only one (from the first exhibitor to select that colony for the Kiwi Challenge) will be entered in the Kiwi Challenge in 2006, the other will be entered in to the ordinary competition at Kiwipex 2006.

Bruce has all the details of what colonies are still available and all the rules etc., of the Kiwi Challenge.


Kiwipex 2006 will also emulate Canpex 2000 with a number of fundraising philatelic souvenirs, because as earlier mentioned we have a six figure budget which needs to be properly financed.

Our first Kiwipex 2006 souvenir takes the form of a publicity cinderella featuring an adaptation of the 1906/7 Christchurch Exhibition number 3 publicity sticker.

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This attractive cinderella is issued in a souvenir sheet of 8; and a number of these exist imperforate, as well as of course perforated. Souvenir covers have been produced and feature a Kiwipex 2006 cinderella tied to the cover by our Kiwpex 2006 handstamp. The covers also had an appropriate New Zealand Post stamp affixed, and were personally cancelled by Terry McQuinn. Further details and prices are to be found on the attached souvenirs order form.

Our second Kiwipex 2006 souvenir takes the form of 5 different greetings stamps with our Kiwipex 2006 logo printed on the tab adjacent to the stamps. A limited number of Kiwpex 2006 greetings stamp first day covers are being produced for these novel souvenirs. Mint as well as used sets are offered in addition to the Kiwpex 2006 first day covers.

greetings_sheet_kiwipex.jpg (95669 bytes)

Owing to the nature of the greetings stamps we are able to offer them in two formats: in either a vertical strip of 5 stamps (a,b,c,d,e) + Kiwipex 2006 tabs, and/or in a vetrtical strip of 5 stamps (c,d,e,a,b) + Kiwipex 2006 tabs.

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Complete sheets comprise two strips of each format. Further details and prices will be published shortly

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