Kiwipex 2006 PROSPECTUS

Kiwipex 2006 is a New Zealand national stamp exhibition, with FIAP support, that will be held under the patronage of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation Inc. The New Zealand Philatelic Federation’s Approved Regulations for National Exhibitions will apply. Our major sponsor is New Zealand Post Ltd., to whom we are most grateful for their support. The venue will be the Christchurch Convention Centre, from 2-5 November 2006

Applications from countries with commissioners must be submitted through their national commissioner by 31 May 2006

NZ upper North Island;

Patrick Skinner

P.O.Box 1834,

Glen Innes, Auckland.

Phone (09) 5285 294


NZ lower North Island;

Jenny Banfield

14 Rata Road,

Raumati Beach.

Phone (04) 2996 639


For all other enquiries

please contact

Kiwipex 2006 via

David Smitham

Phone (+64) (06) 363 5200



Erica Genge

C/- GPO Box 9800,

Hobart, Tasmania 7001,


Phone (03) 6278 7084


Hong Kong;

Malcolm Hammersley,

Hong Kong Philatelic Society,

G.P.O. Box 446,

Hong Kong.

Email: =


Wirat Limpaiboon,

21/8 Soi Lertpunya Rajvithi Road,

Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Phone (02) 245 5861


Exhibition Regulations

1 The Approved Regulations for National Exhibitions as adopted by the New Zealand Philatelic Federation, Inc. will apply to Kiwipex 2006.

2 The exhibition committee may invite non-competitive exhibits for the Court of Honour, or for non-competitive display.

3 Entries in the competitive classes may be made by any supporting member of Kiwipex 2006, person within New Zealand or overseas belonging to any society affiliated to the New Zealand Philatelic Federation, the Australian Philatelic Federation and the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately. The exhibitor must be the bona-fide owner of the exhibit. Exhibits in joint names will be accepted providing they are members of the same family. Exhibitors in the Postal History Challenge who are selected to judge will have their entry transferred to the appropriate jury class.

4 Entries in Class 2 should consist of a minimum of three frames. Maximum allocation in this class will be eight frames. Youth exhibits will consist of between 2 and 5 frames as indicated in Class 3.

5 Any exhibitor may not enter more than one exhibit on the same subject in the same class if it is of a similar or continuing nature.

6 The judging panel reserves the right to reclassify any entry if they consider the entry will be more sympathetically judged in an alternate class.

7 Exhibition organisers will take all due care of exhibits but will not be liable for any damaged incurred, etc. Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

8 Each frame holds 16 pages in four rows of 4 pages and allow for pages no larger than 29 cm high by 25 cm wide. Double sized pages are acceptable.

9 All exhibits should be on white or light coloured pages and must be in clear protectors. Each page should be numbered on the back together with the exhibitor’s name. Any expertising certificates should be attached to the reverse of the relevant page. Neither price nor value should be indicated in the exhibit.

10 The exhibition committee must receive entry forms together with entry fees and copy of draft title page/plan no later than 31 May 2006. Credit card payments will be accepted and will result in a Classic Stamps Ltd charge appearing on your statement.

11 Entrants will be advised of their acceptance or otherwise within 4 weeks of this date.

12 The organisers reserve the right to limit the number of entries allocated to an exhibitor without giving a reason for so doing.

13 Exhibits must be in the hands of the exhibition committee or commissioners, no later than 15 October 2006. Personally delivered exhibits must arrive by 10.00 am 1 November 2006.

14 All exhibits will be mounted and removed from the frames and/or cabinets in accordance with instructions given by the Bin Room Manager.

15 A full range of medals (from bronze to large gold) will be available in all competitive classes. There will also be a Grand Award (presented by New Zealand Post) and special prizes which may be awarded at the discretion of the jury. Gemstone awards will be made available for all one and two frame exhibits and other non-national level philatelic exhibits.

16 The Federation Cup may be awarded to a first or second time entrant at a full national exhibition.

17. Entries will be returned as soon as practicable after the exhibition closes, in the manner indicated by the exhibitor. Entries to be uplifted personally should be available at the venue shortly after 6pm on November 2006.

                                      18. CLASSES AND ENTRY FEES.

       Class 1   Invited Entries

                             = Fee NZ$ Nil

Class 2 Competitive Entries  (3 to 8 frames)

= Fee NZ$ 25.00/frame

2a   Traditional philately class

2b   Postal history class

2c   Thematic class

2d   Postal stationery class

2e   Aerophilately & Astrophilately class

2f   Open class

2g  Cinderella & revenue class

2h  Polar philately class

2i   Maximaphily

2j   Entries otherwise not provided for

          Class 3 Competitive Youth Entries

              (Age as at 1 January 2006)

   = Fee NZ$ Nil

3a   13-15 years (2 - 5 frames)

3b   16-18 years (2 - 5 frames)

3c    19-21 years (3 - 5 frames)

             Youth Development Entries

3d    under 13 years  (8 pages)

3e    13 - 16 years (16 pages)

  Class 4 Postcard Entries  (1-5 frames)

                       = Fee NZ$ 25.00/frame

4a    1 -  2 frames

4b    3 -  5 frames

  Class 5 One Frame Exhibits

          = Fee NZ$ 25.00

19 The King George VI Colonial Postal History Challenge

This class is to encourage collectors to form a new collection for exhibition either at national level format (of 3 to 8 frames) or as a one frame (16 page) entry.

The discipline is postal history and the subject is any British Colony {excepting GB, Australia, Canada, the Indian sub-continent, New Zealand and South Africa} of the King George VI reign (December 1936 – February 1952).

Each challenger has to exhibit a different colony (except for one frame entries) and the exhibit must be one, which has not previously been exhibited. A separate team of judges will judge the challenge entries.

David Smitham, the convenor, will be responsible for co-ordinating all entries. Those interested in participating in the King George V1 Colonial Postal History Challenge should contact David by mail at the following address; 2 Andrews Street, Foxton Beach 5551, NEW ZEALAND. or by email at;

NB To clarify: the organisers of Kiwipex 2006 welcome multiple King George VI postal history exhibits of any colony. Only one entry of that colony is able to participate in the King George VI Colonial Postal History Challenge.

For a list of colonies already selected please refer to newsletter number 5 or contact David Smitham

20. Class and Entry Fees.

Class 6. The King George V1 Colonial Postal History Challenge.

= Fee (adult) NZ$25.00/frame

= Fee (youth) NZ$ nil/frame

6a  Adult (3-8 frames) entries

6b  Adult one frame entries

6c  Youth entries as per class 3a/3b/3c

6d  Youth entries as per class 3e

6e  Jury class

21. The 1906/07 Christchurch International Exhibition Memorabilia Class

To celebrate this wonderful event we know that a set of stamps was issued, and that a special cancellation was used at the Christchurch Exhibition Post Office to cancel mail posted there. In addition, there were many postcards featuring scenes of and around the exhibition, special exhibition medallettes, tea cups and saucers, exhibition medals presented to the original exhibitors, season tickets, and lithographic printings of the exhibition site, etc.

As Kiwipex 2006 is celebrating the centenary of the opening of the 1906/07 Christchurch International Exhibition, the organising committee would like to see as much of this memorabilia on display as possible. For obvious reasons, such items as teacups will not fit into our standard exhibition frames, and so they will need to be displayed in showcases which will be spread throughout the venue. This class will be divided into two sections:

i) Competitive section

  1. Philatelic exhibits – this will most probably suit 3 to 8 frame postal history/social philately exhibits, and all will qualify to receive competitive philatelic awards.
  2. Postcard exhibits – of between 1 and 5 frames. Entries of less than 3 frames will receive gemstone awards in the competitive section.
  3. ii) Non competitive section

  4. Postcard exhibits – these will not be judged but will be displayed, and will receive a certificate of participation.
  5. Display exhibits - basically anything else pertaining to the original 1906/07 Christchurch Exhibition. These exhibits will also receive a certificate of participation.

                            22 Class and Entry Fees

Class 7  Christchurch Exhibition Memorabilia Entries

                        = Fee NZ $25.00/frame

1. Competitive Exhibits

7a Philatelic exhibits (3-8 frames)

7b Postcard exhibits (1-5 frames)

                                      = Fee NZ$ nil

2. Non competitive exhibits

7c Postcards

7d Display exhibits - Exhibitors requiring display cases will have to contribute towards the hire cost of the display case.

23 If additional entry forms are required please photocopy original or download from website.

24 The committee of Kiwipex 2006 reserves the right to amend these regulations, and the committee shall decide any matter not covered by these regulations.

25 Exhibition protectors: these are available from your local stamp dealer, or from P.Y.C, P O Box 2979, Auckland

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