Kiwipex 2006 NEWSLETTER  4.

- MAY 2004


We sincerely apologise for the delay in supplying some items listed on our previous newsletter. To explain:

Our December 2003 newsletter was mailed out at Welpex 2003 so that supporting members and others on our mailing list would receive a rugby pictorial postmark. In newsletter number 3 we advertised Norfolk Island Kiwipex 2006 personalised stamps, as we had just received mint and some used stocks at the time of mailing out that newsletter. A number of attractive Kiwipex 2006 covers each bearing a strip of our Norfolk Island personalised stamps was airmailed to Norfolk Island in order to be cancelled there.

As orders started to arrive it was obvious that we had not sent enough covers to be cancelled, so another consignment was mailed to Norfolk Island along with some mint sets to be cancelled. Our second package was received back from Norfolk Island before our first that was returned "Not known at this address" from America, just prior to Christmas! No wonder that the Norfolk Island Postal Administration was not known in Norfolk –Virginia!

Our original package was re-air mailed to Norfolk Island before Christmas, and by the end of February 2004 had still not been received in Norfolk Island. A further despatch of Norfolk Island Kiwipex 2006 personalised stamps on cover was arranged and was mailed from Australia in March. These were received in late March 2004 with a date stamp of 21 July 2003! Hopefully, by the time this newsletter is mailed all orders for Norfolk Island Kiwipex 2006 stamps used on cover, as advertised, will have been supplied, and there should still be a few available for later orders.

Our other apology is for the delay with the processing of some credit card orders owing to our treasurer’s very heavy workload late last year and early this year. It is hoped that these problems affecting some orders will not have caused upsets and disillusionment. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Information Update

Currently, Kiwipex 2006 has 177 supporting members, and is hopeful of further raising that number to 200 by the end of this year via some promotions at stamp exhibitions in Canberra (in Australia) and also at Halifax (in Canada). These promotions were aimed at further raising the profile of The King George VI Colonial Postal History Challenge that will be held during Kiwipex 2006.

Supporting members of Kiwipex 2006 will be eligible to enter the competitive sections of Kiwipex 2006 as will be those exhibitors who otherwise belong to a stamp club that is affiliated to the Australian or New Zealand Philatelic federations. The organising committee has discussed the Kiwipex 2006 prospectus and it is hoped that it will be finalised and approved shortly. There will be the usual competitive classes and also a special class: for memorabilia of the 1906/07 Christchurch International Exhibition. Watch this space for further details!

Kiwipex 2006 is still in need of funds as the near $30,000 cost of the (Christchurch Convention Centre) venue hire needs to be met in order that we can and will have a successful exhibition. To help meet this target some attractive new Kiwipex 2006 souvenirs have been produced.

New Souvenirs

The Lord of the Rings part II

To paraphrase Michelle of ‘Allo, ‘Allo! fame: read this very carefully because I shall type this only once!

In our June 2003 newsletter, we offered two different Kiwipex 2006 overprinted 40 cent miniature sheets from the first issue of The Lord of the Rings. These were very popular and quickly sold out. So popular that Welpex 2003 also overprinted two different miniature sheets from the first issue of The Lord of the Rings. These were very popular also and quickly sold out.

Thanks to New Zealand Post we acquired 250 blank The Lord of the Rings blank FDCs – in the expectation of being able to acquire 1000 of the same miniature sheet as with last year’s souvenir. We were very fortunate to acquire any miniature sheets from the second issue of the Lord of the Rings as New Zealand Post had effectively sold out and were unable to supply even quantities of miniature sheets to us.

New Century Press of Christchurch overprinted the following quantities of The Lord of the Rings (second issue) miniature sheets in gold ink: 250 x 40c, 250 x 80c, 300 x $1.30 and 200 x $2. There will be only 200 sets available for sale.

KiwipexLOTRms1.jpg (32551 bytes)

KiwipexLOTRms2.jpg (31019 bytes)

KiwipexLOTRms3.jpg (30802 bytes)

KiwipexLOTRms4.jpg (37626 bytes)

One printer’s trial is known – a single 40 cent miniature sheet was initially printed in orange, but this colour ink proved to be too transparent. Also the Kiwipex rubric was printed too close to the stamp, hence this miniature sheet trial was also overprinted in gold with the rubric further away from the stamp. Kiwipex 2006 has retained this for sale later.

Mint, and first day cover sets of four are available, thus only 62 units can exist. Orders for used sets can be supplied upon request – subject to mint stock being available to be cancelled! The odds will be offered for sale later via mystery envelopes.

To be fair: we will mail this newsletter to our overseas supporting members prior to mailing our local supporting members and other purchasers, who in turn will receive this newsletter before any society mailings.

(Note: the above Lord of the Rings items have already sold out)

Antarctic Souvenir Sheets

Our first two (numbered) Antarctic souvenir sheets released last year have been popular and we are pleased to advise the release of our second numbered pair of Antarctic souvenir sheets.

Whilst making up orders a couple of varieties were located: sheet #1 was found with double perfs at the base, and sheet #2 was found imperf at the base. These will be offered for sale later – most probably at the Awards Dinner in November 2006. Whether or not any #1 sheets exist imperf at the base, and/or #2 sheets exist with double perfs at the base remains to be seen. It is possible that our Antarctic souvenir sheets #3 and #4 exist similarly!

A number of completely imperforate Antarctic souvenir sheets exist – these will be offered for sale later, most probably via mystery envelopes.

Wyatt & Wilson Ltd., of Christchurch, printed Kiwipex 2006 Antarctic souvenir sheets 3 and 4 simultaneously with our first pair of Antarctic souvenir sheets. 124 first day covers were produced of the first two Kiwipex 2006 Antarctic souvenir sheets, similarly 124 first day covers of our second pair of Antarctic souvenir sheets were produced.

Sheet #3 FDC bears a 40 cent Ross Dependency penguin stamp cancelled prior to the change in domestic postal rates whilst sheet #4 FDC bears a 45 cent Ross Dependency penguin stamp cancelled on the first day of new domestic postal rates.

Kiwipex Antarctic souvenir sheet number 3

KiwipexCindms4.jpg (66213 bytes)

Kiwipex Antarctic souvenir sheet number 3 (Shown above) features four different scenes of Antarctica. Details are as follows:-

1st hot air balloon flight at geographic South Pole. On 8 January 2000 the first hot air balloon flight at the South Pole took off when "LG Flatron", a Cameron Concept-60 Balloon flew with pilots Austrian Ivan Trifonov, and the Spanish pair of Anulfo Gonzalez and Faustino Mortera taking turns at piloting the balloon. This flight was part of the Russian led Millennium 2000 South Pole Expedition.

United States Supply Ship "American Tern" in Ross Sea Ice. For several days in early February 2003 the "American Tern" on her inaugural Antarctic voyage waited, parked in the ice channel at McMurdo Sound, for the icebreaker "Polar Sea" to clear a path to McMurdo Base.

American Hercules LC-130 on sea ice runway near McMurdo. Photo taken 2nd November 2000 by Josh Landis, of the US National Science Foundation showing aircraft with Mount Erebus in background.

Barne Glacier Ice Front. This depicts the impressive cliffs of the Barne Glacier in the Ross Dependency.

Kiwipex Antarctic souvenir sheet number 4

KiwipexCindms3.jpg (70664 bytes)

Kiwipex Antarctic souvenir sheet number 4 (Shown above) features the following designs;

An emperor penguin on sea ice of McMurdo Sound. Photo taken 15 December 2001 by Beth Minneci of the US National Science Foundation.

Supply Ship "American Tern" berthed at ice wharf, McMurdo Sound. The inaugural visit to McMurdo of the American supply vessel "American Tern" with Observation Hill in background. Photo taken 14 February 2003 by Scott F. Smith, Raytheon Polar Services.

C141 Starlifter with LC-130 Hercules behind on ice runway at McMurdo. Photo taken by Josh Landis, the US National Science Foundation during 2000–2001season.

The Cape Royds Hut of Sir Ernest Shackleton on Ross Island. Photograph taken in 1998 by Ginny Figlar, of the US National Science Foundation.

The background design of both sheets is a Ross Sea Pancake Ice landscape. Photo taken by Pieter Kampstra, Captain of "Archangelgracht" during Antarctic supply trip to McMurdo in February 2001.    Thanks to Steven McLachlan for the above information.

Suffice it to say that all new souvenirs offered are available subject unsold.

Credit card payments are welcomed for Kiwipex 2006 souvenirs.

Please be patient! At least three members of the Kiwipex 2006 organising committee are involved with processing mail orders etc. and these can not always be action immediately! Thank you.

The Kiwi Challenge

More accurately, this is known as The King George VI Colonial Postal History Challenge. As mentioned earlier, this competition (of either 1 frame or at national level – of 3 to 8 frames) within Kiwipex 2006 has been promoted at two national stamp exhibitions overseas this year.

Unfortunately, Kiwipex 2006 lost one of the challengers late last year and thus Palestine once more is available to be selected. In addition there has been a change of challenger with one of the selected colonies.

At the time of compiling this newsletter, colonies such as Tonga, Pitcairn Island, and Cook Islands in the Pacific are still available, as are Antigua, Bahamas, Cyprus, and British Honduras to name but a few others.

The following colonies and challengers will participate in Kiwipex 2006:

Aden States             Gary Brown

Barbados                Pat Capill

Bermuda                 Elspeth Bodley

Br. Guiana             Dingle Smith

Ceylon                    Gary Watson

Channel Islands     Joyce Boyer

Falkland Is.             Kim & Kevin Dwyer

Fiji                          Ross Duberal (Nat’l class)

Fiji                          Paul Xavier (1 frame)

Gibraltar                 Bernie Doherty

Gold Coast              Philip Levine

Hong Kong              John Fitzpatrick

Jamaica                  Bruce Marshall

K. U. T.                    Sue Vernall

Leeward Is                 Darryl Fuller

Malta                          Paul Barsdell

New Hebrides            Sheryll Oswald

Niue                          Bernie Beston

Nyasaland                  Ross Wood

St. Helena                  Ann & Trevor Bevan

Samoa                       John Watts

Sarawak                    Robert Duns

Sierra Leone             John Kilpatrick

Solomon Is                David Holmes

Southern Rhodesia  Robert Livingston

Straits Settlements  Erica Genge

Trinidad & Tobago  Jenny & Norman Banfield

For further details about this exciting concept please contact: Bruce Marshall, by mail at: PO Box 3212, HBMC, Napier, NZ, or via email at:

The 1906/07 Christchurch Exhibition

A fund for the purchase of some of the pictures at the Exhibition has been opened here (Ref. 1) says our Dunedin correspondent. The subscription fund opened yesterday with 50.

Classes from four different schools made studious inspection of the Fiji court yesterday.

There is great activity today in brightening up the district courts for the judging tomorrow. Pot plants and similar decorations are in great demand, and tomorrow these courts should certainly be looking their best.

A Press Association telegram from Nelson states that a contingent of School Cadets left for Christchurch today.

The usual weekly display of fireworks will take place tonight, and it will be a specially notable one, not only on the account of the promised "satellititious pyrotechnical constellations," but also in view of the special feature, "Fighting the Flames," by the City fire Brigades.

References  1. Christchurch Press 20 March 1907.


Kiwipex 2006 wishes to thank New Zealand Post, and the Christchurch City Council for their support.

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